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Elephants emerge Victorious: Or is it Ivorious?

If elephants had any idea about the great debate over the recent request from Tanzania and Zambia to sell ivory stock piles, they would have had a few sleepless nights! At this year’s United Nations Convention on the International Trade … Continue reading

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Zambia International Travel Expo 2010

It’s been an exciting week for me! Over the past month or so I have been blogging on some of the best things about Zambia and this week I got a chance to attend The Zambia International Travel Show (ZITE) … Continue reading

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Intimately Wild

Imagine waking up to the smell of a good strong cup of tea as you stretch sleepily from your comfortable bed and allow the golden stream of sunshine seeping stealthily into your room to gently caress you. As you yawn … Continue reading

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Youth Day in Zambia

When I was younger death was my greatest fear. But as I grow older I’m surprised to find that what terrifies me more than death is simply to die without achieving anything worthwhile.  So yesterday, as I watched thousands of … Continue reading

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FIFA World Cup 2010 in Africa

Just when you thought you had chewed off the last bits of fingernail during all the different nerve-wracking football tournaments so far, somebody has the audacity to announce that there are only 100 more days to the greatest football event … Continue reading

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