JETS — Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists, Lusaka provincial fair

Pupils compete in JETS

Last week was a hustle of activity for most Primary and Secondary Schools in Lusaka as everyone prepared for the Provincial Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists (JETS) event. Since its inception 43 years ago, JETS has become a prestigious and high profile event in the Zambian school calendar. This year was no different.

Hundreds of hopeful students from different primary and secondary schools in the Lusaka district made it to Kabulonga Girls High School where the annual event was hosted. The aim was to battle it out with their peers in order to make it to the national competition.

Student presents their concept at JETS

Science project for JETS

JETS trophies

About JETS
JETS Zambia has been running for an impressive 43 years. The organisation was started by a group of eminent scientists in 1968 during a Zambia Association for Science Education (ZASE) meeting. During this history making meeting, the scientists seized the opportunity to co-ordinate school science clubs through a formal organisation that they decided to call Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists (JETS). The idea behind the formation of JETS was to popularise science and mathematics in schools. The JETS mission is, ‘To promote the production and display of high quality scientific and mathematical projects that provide solutions to local problems.’ JETS is all about providing young people with a better foundation in science and mathematics and giving youths an opportunity to learn and apply scientific principles in the design and construction of scientific and technical items. These objectives are being met through the ever popular JETS fairs promoted by many schools including the following featured on

JETS 2011
This year the judges had their work cut out for them. The Best of Zambia team stopped by and were immediately swamped by bright, eager students who passionately explained their projects. One member of the team was lucky enough to walk away with a real life crystal! Some of the interesting projects we observed ranged from a primitive but interesting home-made projector to furious simulations of volcano eruptions right down to complex digital door locks.

Kasisi Girls Secondary School stole the limelight with nine of their students making it to the national competition. Other schools that walked away with prizes were David Kaunda and Kabulonga High Schools, among others.

The National JETS Fair will begin on the 8th of August at Hillcrest Technical School in Livingstone. It will attract over 400 students from all the nine provinces of Zambia. With such innovative young minds, it is clear to see that Zambia has a bright future.


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99 Responses to JETS — Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists, Lusaka provincial fair

  1. Bester says:

    Please send me contact details for the responsible person at JETS of Zambia. I want to offer my services in training the junior engineers, technicians and scientists. Thanks

  2. Unfortunately, we do not have contact details of the person in charge, but you can check the University of Zambia website at as the Dean at the University of Zambia School of Mines Dr. Phiri is the national coordinator of JETS. If you call the University I am pretty sure they can help you out. hope this is helpful.

  3. mwate c says:

    whats current situation on JETS in Zambian basic schools?can you please help me to compare and contrast JETS in basic schools and secondary schools in zambia.

    • tamy kayz says:

      there the same they both have advantages leting pupils express ther scientific and mathamaticals skills

  4. Idowu Temitope says:

    Good job here.

    Kind help me with JETS curriculum if any. I am from Christ College. A secondary school in Nigeria. Hope to here from you. Thanks.

    • ALBERT ZYAMBO says:


  5. Thank you Idowe, J.E.Ts in Zambia is usually held at most schools as an extra curricular activity. Each school then has a school fair to qualify to the provincial fair where they compete against other schools from the province and those who win proceed to the national fair to compete with schools from all parts of the country. I hope this helps?

  6. Hello Mwate, unfortunately I do not have those statistics, if you could contact the University of Zambia, they should be able to help, you can get a number from their website which is:

  7. kennedy sefulandi says:

    how are the interviews

  8. Rodgers Banda says:

    I completed my “o” in 2008, at chinika high and i was in jets club.
    I think it is good for young scientist .

  9. Julia says:

    Good to hear from you Rodgers. Yes, I think it’s a great concept to encourage young scientists in Zambia.

  10. Gilbert Lungu says:

    I am very delighted to see how much pupils put in the projects it is commendable to the organizers. Please send me a format of a maths jets project i want to help some pupils come up with some projects in Kaoma.

  11. Yes Gilbert, the organisers are putting in great effort to see that J.E.T.S takes off every year. Within the article there are schools featured: Metropolitan School,
    Namununga School, Tina Trust School and Lusaka West School. If you click on any of these links within the article, they will take you to the school webpage where you can get contact details. As these schools participated in J.E.T.S they will be able to provide you with the format that you are looking for.

  12. Gavin Kalaluka says:

    As Canisius Jets club we are not yet informed were our next regional jets fair will be held.

  13. gift chama says:

    Next year’s jets will be remarkable for we canisians comin with honour and pride…

  14. gift chama says:

    Next year’s jets will be remarkable for we canisians coming in with honour and pride…

  15. Adetola Abayomi Olawale says:

    Am a social science student can i join JETS club

  16. Godswill Offiong says:

    Hi,please i want to know about jets club going on in Nigeria,its aims and objectives

  17. am a pupil at hillcrest and am kindly asking you 2 help me with a project of which i can be done with in 3months

  18. ALBERT ZYAMBO says:



    What great planning the found of JETS had. Such club are the clubs of brain shakers but some private schools do not allow it.


    What a great club some private schools dont allow. Such schols know nothing because they steal development from ZAMBIA in that they do not allow their pupils to take part in the fair who have important projects. Please find a way to educate such schools. CHABOTA PATEL


    Hey, let me take this privilage to thank all the teachers of Pemba High School for the knowledge they impacted in me which made me successed in many JETS FAIRS. Let GOD alone know how to bless them. I completed last year but i cant forget my best club at school. I still encourage Pemba student to keep the LAMP burning in JETS CLUB and other related academic areas.

  22. Bernard chomba says:

    iam a pupil at choma secondary school,jets is a club of brain shakers which has motivated pupils in schools.we hope that this year also that choma sec school will represent southern province at the national fair.

  23. Arthur Phiri says:

    good to be in JETS

  24. Arthur Phiri says:

    JETS is a program that helps the brain to think proud of JETS and work hard.develop your views.

  25. mweemba chrisen says:

    what was the best project in mathematics in 2010

  26. Victory says:

    I want 2 tank dis gr8t body dey are d 1 dat made me who i am 2day as a gr8t engineer of ugborikoko senior secondary school …(delta state)

  27. Jegede Femi says:

    This is encouraging. Pls send me a template af how I can run a sucessful JETS club in my school especially in the area of programmes and activities that are subject- specific. I’m a Maths teacher from Nigeria. I’ve been trying to organize an effective JC without much success. My greatest challenge has always been what to do in our meetings. Please help.

  28. This is so wow! Encouraging. Dis vision wont die. Its a vision of training d youth 2 reach d height dat is been dreamt of! Am a nigerian i appreciated dis piece of work!

  29. Shabbuwa Alex-Mazabuka says:

    J.E.T.S stimulates our thinking capacity1

  30. ICT Fanatic says:

    jets has dropped its standards very much, i mean the prizes they give are pathetic, judging standards are based on which school you come from, when i was i high school, a friend of mine used the same project for 4 years, winning every time, and they didn’t know, why? because jets projects dont take school going children any where, it ends when you win the useless books. the projects too a useless and cannot be used commercially……i dont know how more i can express my disappointment………

  31. Muhammed says:

    please i nid the programmes to be carried out in JETS club meetings for secondary schools.

    • hello Muhammed, within the article there are schools featured: Metropolitan School,
      Namununga School, Tina Trust School and Lusaka West School. If you click on any of these links within the article, they will take you to the school webpage where you can get contact details. As these schools participated in J.E.T.S they will be able to provide you with the format that you are looking for.

  32. Janet Kapeso says:

    please can you send me some jets fair projects and some olympiads questions.Your help will be greatly appreciated.

    • Unfortunately Janet we are not in the position to provide anyone with JETS projects, please get in touch with any of the participating schools mentioned in the article for ideas.

  33. you better start thinking like an engineer.

  34. you better start thinking like an engineer!

  35. ngosa kalunga says:

    iam preparing for this years JETS fair as we canisians are yet to do the best again.coming like the great eagle in projects olympiads and quiz.we are ready.

  36. mwenya stephen says:

    when i was a former president at former school. i never knew that engineering was intreseting not until i entered in the university to mechanical eng
    guys jets is good

  37. femi oladele says:

    am a new jet club member ì need to organise some project please help me

  38. femi oladele says:

    i donot no that jet club is interesting like this

  39. i am asking for a jets project under village development…your help will be highly appreciated..

  40. Ayodeji says:

    Great work. Iam a corp member from Nigeria my school principal asked me to start JETS club in our school but I don’t really know what to discuss now that I have members among the student.Pls assist.

  41. Godwin says:

    Pls I want to induct Jets club in my school please can any one provide me with some basic information how I can be able to run it in my school effectively. Thanks i will be glad to see ur replies.

    • walinkonde says:

      Godwin its very easy all what you need to do is to ask each pupil in a class to make a project especially during school holidays so that they have enough time and advice them to use local materials if you need more advice you can call me on 0978129922

  42. jonanade says:

    it is such an interesting club private schools should allow such a club at their school

  43. ya.i may say jets is a good club.but the idea of having sam competitors parents has judges is disturbing.

  44. Imungana says:

    JETS Club is one of the most good clubs in Zambia but some educational official are making the club to be borrowing by favouring their own province, pupils and children.

    • ya definatly.they make people quit the club.i hope this year’s provincial fair will take this into consideration.seriously!if nt we will take dat into our consideration and act has students respectively!£*

  45. I planninig to build the iron man suite if they give me the chance to.

  46. i can build the iron man ammor, all i need is them materialz.

  47. Imungana says:

    I feel you WAR MACHINE ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. just gimme the tech and will

  49. Imungana says:

    JETS can improve technology development in Zambia. All that we need is support.

  50. Tom-Cruz Manda says:

    I will make a naked lizard…..

  51. jets @ provincials is not about what u are presenting bt were you cam 4rom.prov me wrong?………..

  52. war-machine.rox says:


  53. war-machine.rox says:

    i qualified for provincial fair but they swaped me with another wasnt fair at all

  54. war-machine-rox says:


  55. 2 bad ne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Chikambwe says:

    The Pride Of JETS
    JETS provides a platform for young scientists,technicians and engineers to explore their potentials. like some scholars have said, JETS provides a chance for pupils to experience subjective learning as they are allowed to bring out their scientific ideas. However, what was meant to provide pupils to learn through JETS, some selfish individuals have hijacked the system for monetary gains. I’m sorry but my opinion is that Teachers of science are taking over JETS from pupils. They have personalised it such that political terms are now coming into JETS. Such terms as rigging, no election for national organizers but simply appointed by whoever? These manifestations can be confirmed by well meaning Zambians who attended the 45th National JETS Fair held in Solwezi at Solwezi College of Education from 12th to 16th August, 2013. The questions that beg answers are,1. should the National organisers be appointed and not elected? 2.why are all National organisers from Lusaka which only represents one province (region) out of 12 regions? 3. Who should prepare the Olympiads questions and qiuz questions?
    without answering these questions with due objectivity they deserve, I’m afraid JETS is becoming a white elephant as evident from the discontent of the participants after announcement of results.My advice is that let us as Patrons, Organisers at all levels leave JETS for our pupils. Our role is simply to guide them by giving them moral and technical support. Lets not indulge ourselves strategically to advantage our various schools, regions for personal glory.

  57. Isaac sikushaba says:

    Is it NATIONAL jets fair or LUSAKA jets fair? i just cant believe ba Lusaka are the only ones in the national organising commitee.i feel for my boys next year.

  58. truly i also did not undersatnd???????????????this was my first year and well i noticd that.(exihibts)…………..!

  59. Ayodele oluwatobiloba joshua says:

    if the producers of jet in nigeria are listening please how can i sign up and please when is the form coming out in nigeria

  60. Frank Mshanga says:

    I lik jets . Can we share same plan. On how 2?

  61. stephen katoyo chanda says:

    JETS is one of the best branches of education in our country. St Francis secondary school has been leading in Northern province for the past 6 years. But at National level things change, this has been a complaint to say the adjudicators have always being coming from the provinces hence they are full of favoritism. People say that last year the St Francis boys who were on the panel where supposed to come out the first but all the same favoritism. So I suggest for a meeting to be set or just send request in all the secondary school teachers so that they can also participate at national level.

  62. mkhuzo says:

    Hai, plz I need a proper club profile and also the 2014 plan

  63. Ikyereve emmanuel says:

    JETS in Nigeria is still developing, not much have been accomplished…………..pls help some private schools which are yet to embrass JETS…d greatness and betterness of our generation begins with u!!!!

  64. kunda gershom says:

    encourage the local fair in schools as well

  65. mwaka says:

    lets hop things change this year.

  66. mulenga kelvin says:

    What are the reasons as to why most girls fear to join JETS CLUB in Zambia in Schools? This one the questions in my assignment first year science student

  67. finn says:

    boyz are accurate and intelligent this is the main reason why boyz participate in jets fairs in most schools

  68. Alick Sinkala says:

    what can a JETS organizer do to increase a number of girls joining JETS club?

  69. Panji Nehemiah Kwanga says:

    Jets is an interesting program that all participate,it impacts young student with creative skills and new ideas I luv it…

  70. essh.cant go for fair is year.i went for mine last term at the zambian parliament common wealth science competition.and next year i might come wit a power produecing industry that uses paper as a source of energy.

  71. caleb chipesha says:

    for central province to much coruption dats officials favouring dere people

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