Zambia’s BUK Truck Parts Limited and America’s EquipXP join forces

Since 1998, BUK Truck Parts has been dedicated to offering quality truck spares to the Zambian market and its mission is to deliver on that promise continuously. On the 8th of September 2011, BUK Truck Parts signed a memorandum of understanding with EquipXP, an American company based in Houston, Texas, to market, sell and distribute heavy duty construction, mining, agriculture, hospital equipment and parts to the Zambian Industry.

The signing ceremony was held at the plush offices of BUK in Lusaka and officials from the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA), Zambia Institute of Marketing (ZIM) and members of the press were represented at the ceremony. The USA embassy economic attaché Mr Phil Nervig and the president of the American Chambers of Commerce in Zambia Mr Greg Merchand were also present at the event.

BUK managing Director Mr Benjamin Katubiya described the signing of the memorandum of understanding between the two companies as a way of strengthening the ties between Zambia and the United States of America and enhancing and promoting trade between the two countries.

The USA embassy economic attaché Mr Phil Nervig said that the commercial relationship between the USA and Zambia has been growing since the AGOA forum and that the partnership between BUK and EquipXP is building on strengthening that relationship.

EquipXP is a reputable company that has won several awards from the USA department of Commerce and the most prestigious award of “President Award in Excellence.”

BUK Truck Parts Ltd, together with their parts suppliers in Europe and America, carefully monitor the truck parts industry, continuously adding to their range so they are always current. The company also provides full technical support services.

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5 Responses to Zambia’s BUK Truck Parts Limited and America’s EquipXP join forces

  1. My name is Patrizio I represent a company called Tas from Italy. We manufacture gearbox and diff spares for most of the major truck and light commercial vehicles at very competitive prices. We currently have a very strong client base in South Africa and would like to branch out to the rest of Africa if you are interested you could forward me your details so we could discuss this and at a later stage I could come out and see you

    thank you

  2. Thank you for your interest Patrizio, we will forward your request to a relevant person at BUK and follow it up to make sure they get in touch. Wishing you the best!

  3. Tamy says:

    Its a good thing to see deals and partnerships geared towards the development of African countries and in this case Zambia being signed.We strongly hope that the deal in question will not only help and benefit the parties involved but will also assist those in the truck and motor vehicle Industry.With most people and businesses investing in Japanese used trucks and other cars,the biggest challenge facing them is that of spare parts.However with the signing of such deals,they can be rest assured that they have somewhere to turn to when they need spare parts for their cars.

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