Dancing Barefeet with the stars has been postponed

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This serves to inform you that  “Dancing Barefeet with the Stars” has been postponed.
Our fund raising event for the Barefeet Youth and Arts Festival 2017 has been postponed to the 15th of July,

Participating in Dancing Barefeet with the Stars will not only support Barefeet with the organisation of the 2017 Festival which involves more than 2,000 vulnerable children from different provinces of Zambia but it is also a good team building exercise for your teachers. They have to work together to create the performance to showcase on June 17th.
It is going to be an entertaining, fun night and different way to support Barefeet for its work with the vulnerable children living on the streets and at risk to living on the streets.

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Barefeet Theatre (Olympia, Lusaka)
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