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Grade seven and nine examination results 2016

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Let the results speak for themselves. Congratulations to our outstanding Pestalozzi graduates of Grade 7 and Grade 9.
Grade 7
843 Yotamu Francis
841 Mukumba Lyonze
831 Namonje Esther
830 Palanga Boston
814 Ngalasa Edina
811 Luhanga Fair
810 Ongenya Kyansi
807 Mataya Peter
807 Mumba Adonai
803 Kalunga Sandra
802 Kazadi Ahmed
Grade 9
522 Ilunga Moses
518 Mwanawina Patson
513 Mapela Mapesho Elisha
508 Kapota Herry
503 Samakeche Mary
495 Kapama Nelson
492 Muzungu Pascal

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Pestalozzi Education Centre Primary and Secondary School
Pestalozzi Education Centre Primary and Secondary School (Ibex Hill, Lusaka)
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