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Rodent Damage and Disease
Rodents can be found not only in our homes, but supermarkets, restaurants, warehouses, food processing facilities, livestock facilities, and farm fields.They also cause damage to our buildings by their burrowing and gnawing activity. Rodents will gnaw through many types of materials in order to reach a location including lead sheathing, cinder block, aluminum siding and some concrete.

Through the ages, rodents have been the cause of some tremendous plagues and diseases. In years past, rodents were responsible for the spread of many diseases. Today, due to increased sanitation and effective rodent and insect control programs, the threat of most diseases from rodents is not as critical..
Afrivet Zambia Ltd has the following products best used for Rodent control.
Finale pellets – available in 50g, 500g and 10Kg
Finale wax blocks – available in 85g and 500g

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