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Last week one of our many excellent students passed away unexpectedly. I know that some of you heard about it and were looking for answers. The following is a letter that Trudy wrote to me about Ackim.
Ackim started feeling unwell soon after graduating his grade twelve and everyone thought it was may be the stress from the examinations,for he said he was just feeling weak. His mother took him to our local clinic where he was attended to,few days later they took him to a” private” hospital where they said he had tuberculosis. He died on the third day after starting tuberculosis treatment.And people are saying may be he did not have TB,so maybe the wrong treatment was given.
Ackim went so fast,it is hard to believe he is no more, and also hard to understand how our God works at times, taking away that which you depend on very much. Our God father had installed in Ackim loving, kindness ,caring and responsible personalities and at a point when everyone was saying the lord has blessed that house he comes and takes him.
Ackim had started searching for jobs and found one which he was to start the week he died. He went full of dreams.
He was a humble boy and very obedient.
Business came to stand still during his funeral.
It is a big loss to the family and the community at large.
We also want to thank his sponsor for the many years of sponsorship and the help that he had given Ackim along his short journey.
This is a picture of Ackim in the library with Carly Buehler.
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Chikumbuso Women and Orphans Project (Ng'ombe, Lusaka)
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