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Twin keynote speakers to open 2017 business conference
The Nyamuka Zambia National Business Conference on 20 July will be a day jam-packed with interesting and engaging sessions from beginning to end which will address many key issues faced by Zambian entrepreneurs and business people.
In an exciting change from the usual, the conference will start with a keynote speech session hosted not by one but by two prominent Zambian entrepreneurs. Ravi Devalia, CEO of the Devalia group of companies, and Dana Holdings CEO, Dr David Nama, will be tackling the big topic which is the theme of the whole conference: How do you build a business to last?
Ravi Devalia will be looking at what it takes to thrive even when times are tough and despite inevitable failures along the way. Nyamuka Manager, Namaya Mbikusita-Lewanika, comments, “Over time successful entrepreneurs like Ravi have developed strategies to survive, even when the going gets tough, and come out the other side stronger than before. Here is a great opportunity to hear directly from someone who has managed to ‘crack the code’ to long term success”.
Dr Nama will be examining the idea that sustainable businesses are achieved through good stewardship. As Namaya Mbikusita-Lewanika explains, “By focusing on growth, relationships and brand development, entrepreneurs who are good stewards serve not only their company, but also their customers, employees, suppliers and stakeholders, making the company more attractive and valuable to lenders, potential employees and external partners. Being a good steward of your enterprise helps you build a business that can last”.
Join the Nyamuka Zambia semi-finalists to hear two leading Zambian entrepreneurs speak of their experience and have the opportunity to quiz David and Ravi during the fireside discussion that will follow their presentations.

Ravi Devalia
Economist, Ravi Devalia, is an eminent businessman who has created leading enterprises in textiles manufacturing, travel, banking, advertising and promotions and is chairperson of the Devalia Group of Companies.

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