Zambia on video – meet the #ZedVideoProject Backers

Last year in November, the Best of Zambia teamed up with Purple Tembo Media and launched an exciting project dubbed the #ZedVideoProject aimed at getting Zambia on video. We are creating quality online video content about Zambia. It was decided that the first video would be a Lusaka Markets video. Read about it here. Read More

Barefeet Theatre’s Christmas Take Over

This Christmas promises to be one without stockings, let alone shoes! Hungry for more after the successful hosting of the ROAR festival in August, the bare footers from Barefeet Theatre are back, and this time, they have every intention of taking over Christmas! Barefeet Theatre is presenting a series of family friendly events to make your Christmas filled with fun, laughter, spectacle and a lot of Christmas Cheer. Read More

FNB Zambia and Visa on Card Fraud in Zambia

Earlier this month, I was invited by the Cutting Edge team to be part of the press at the launch of the FNB Zambia and Visa Card Security briefing. This briefing was an initiative aimed at creating greater awareness amongst consumers to adopt cards as a safe and convenient way to make their daily purchases. As a regular user of the FNB Visa card, I was interested to hear what this briefing would cover. I expected the normal obligatory warnings of how we should not share our pins or how we should be careful with online shopping, and of course these points were raised. But I was alarmed at the number of card fraud practices that seem to have evolved over the years. Read More

Fitness Friday: Diabetes – Disease or chronic condition?

This month's Fitness Friday blog was submitted by Food Lover’s Market. What is diabetes? Diabetes mellitus is a condition characterised by raised blood glucose due to the body's inability to use blood glucose for energy. There are two known types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Read More

Zambia Fashion Week 2013 in pictures

Zambia Fashion Week may be long over but the inspiring fashion pieces show cased during the show have remained engraved in our hearts. This picture blog shares some of the highlights from the night of the grand finale. Read More

The Mopane worm – A popular African delicacy

Locally known as “infinkubala” and sometimes as “ifishimu” in Zambia, the Mopane worm is an African delicacy that has literally “wormed” its way into the hearts (and bellies) of people across Southern Africa. These caterpillars are a popular dish in Zambia and are said to be extremely nutritious. In this article Conservation Lake Tanganyika shares some interesting facts about the Mopane worm and walks us through the process of preparing this dish, from harvesting right down to cooking it. Not tried it yet? Read on! (Disclaimer: Not for the faint hearted)  Read More

Kumwesu – the latest TV show with a Zambia twist

Airing every Friday at 19:00 hours (CAT) on African Magic Entertainment Channel, Kumwesu is the latest African lifestyle and entertainment show to hit television screens across Africa. Produced by Ground Focus Media Production, this is the first Southern African produced lifestyle show to air on African Magic Entertainment Channel. We caught up with the feisty, passionate and fashionable Kumwesu presenter, Mutale Mwanza, and got all the inside information on what the buzz is all about and why you should be watching the show! Read More

Fitness Friday: The impact of sleep on your life

This month’s Fitness Friday was submitted by Aphet Mbao. Aphet is CEO and founder of Chamboniza Bedding Limited, a leading speciality bedding company in Zambia. Aphet is also a certified bedding and sleep consultant. This article looks at the impact of sleep on work productivity and general well-being, and tips on how to improve sleeping habits. Relation between sleep and productivity From as early as the 1880s when the first productivity study was done by Ernest Abbe, it has been scientifically and conclusively determined that the quality of our sleep has a huge impact on our work productivity. Read More

Who said volunteering was easy? Conservation Lower Zambezi experience

[caption id="attachment_26465" align="alignleft" width="550"] Shaina Irwin volunteered at CLZ in September 2013[/caption] Shaina Irwin spent a month in September 2013 volunteering at Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ). This is a local Zambian charity committed to the conservation and sustainable use of the local wildlife and natural resources of the Lower Zambezi through wildlife protection, and environmental education. Shaina shares her experience with us! Expectations   Before I arrived at Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ), I was not quite sure what to expect. Read More

R&G’s 2013 Oktoberfest event guide – Zambia’s biggest summer event!

Have you heard about the Oktoberfest? Saturday October the 5th is the date! If you haven’t, let us help you come out from that rock you’ve been under with this ultimate Oktoberfest event guide! It is organised by R&G Events, a Lusaka based Events Planning and Services Company that is dedicated to bringing together events with a difference. Building up to becoming one of the biggest annual music events in Zambia, Oktoberfest is a day of fun, live music, food, drinks and all round awesomeness! Oktoberfest event guide highlights: Appearance by Zone Fam! Standard entry fee is ZMW50 per person Children below 12 go free Free camping to all fest goers All beers sold at ZMW10 Corkage charges are ZMW50 for a standard cool box and ZMW100 for a large cool box. Famous Fringilla pies and sausages, to kebabs, chips, and burgers! Traditional Zambian food from Orange Cycad fund raising for Conservation Lower Zambezi Read More