2013 Amaka Arts Festival kicks off in Lusaka, Zambia

A review of Amaka 2012 and announcing launch events for the Amaka Arts Festival 2013

Amaka Arts Festival Lusaka, Zambia

2012 was the first edition of Amaka Arts Festival – Zambia’s first multi-disciplinary celebration that covered six disciplines; dance, fashion, film, visual arts and literary arts. Amaka’s goal is to encourage and nurture the arts by giving local youth and artists a platform. The 2013 Amaka Festival activities will kick off early. In preparation for the festival, Amaka will host several promotional events building up to an exciting finale. These include a poetry competition, young designers fashion event, a national choir competition and a dance battle.

The first event is a Slam Poetry Competition which will see local poets come together to compete for a grand prize. Amaka will host an open call audition on the 23rd of February 2013 at Arcades Mall. Contestants will sign up and pay an entry fee of K25,000 (KR25) and the audition will serve as a qualifying round for the actual competition taking place at the Lusaka Playhouse on March 2nd.

In keeping with Amaka’s tradition of incorporating social issues and targeting youth, the theme for the competition is “Safe-love” which links into HIV/AIDS awareness. The Amaka Arts Festival 2013 objectives are as follows:

  • Lay a strong foundation for the Amaka School of the Arts
  • Investment in the local arts industry
  • Market Lusaka as a tourist destination
  • Establish long-term partnerships through Private Public Partnerships (PPP)
  • Work with international higher learning institutions to facilitate workshops, curriculum development, and business development, for all genres of the arts
  • Develop capacity building and mentoring programs in all genres of the arts

2012 Amaka successes
The 2012 event attracted partners from the private sector, government, non-governmental sector, civil society groups and donors. The festival streamlined gender and HIV/AIDS throughout its programs and conducted workshops a week before the festival, equipping, empowering and encouraging local artists to work with international facilitators and performers.

In the genre of film, there were workshops in the different fields of producing, directing, editing, scriptwriting, lighting, sound and acting at many local venues in the city. These workshops were taught by international and local professionals such as Finnish Filmmaker, Mara Jelinko; South African actress, Abena Ayivor and Zambian editor, Daniel Apollo.

At the same time Dance workshops were held at the Lusaka Playhouse by American dancer and choreographer, Crystal Brown. Music and DJ workshops were taught by American guests Mahogany Jones, Rosyln Welch and DJ Sean Blu, as well as other local talent.

During the festival there were several other events such as the Amaka Fashion Show at Foxdale Court, a music concert at Barclays Sports Complex, Film screenings of local, African and International films, a literary book fare, dance flash mobs at Levy Junction and a dance benefit.

The 2012 Amaka Arts Festival was a fantastic opening event and 2013 is set to build on everything that was achieved. Look out for details on upcoming Amaka Arts Festival promotions and events by following Amaka on Twitter @AmakaArtsFest, Puthumile @leelabee or liking Amaka’s Facebook page. You can also read more about the Amaka Arts Festival.