All things tech in Zambia, for World Internet Day

A collection of companies who work in IT and communications, giving us the technology, products and services we need to access the internet in Zambia

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Visualisation of data on internet usage in 2013 by Oxford Internet Institute. Source

The internet as we know it began with this original website. We’ve come a long way haven’t we? Today we can access high quality graphics and images, streamlined design and sleek user experiences, through access anywhere smart phones.

Sunday, the 29th of October is World Internet Day. The internet brings with it many positives. It has allowed us to access international knowledge, trends and information. It has brought us closer together through our technology powered ability to help us share and communicate.

But there is so much more that the internet can do for us here in Zambia, in terms of access for all and the quality of the websites we use. The map, sourced from the Oxford University website is a visualisation of data on internet usage in 2013 by Oxford Internet Institute. “On the map, the size of each country is based on the absolute number of its internet users, while keeping the countries’ and continents’ shapes close to their true shape”.

We believe the internet is Africa’s lost opportunity. As the internet becomes more accessible to more and more people, we want to cease the opportunity and empower Zambian and African businesses to market themselves online in an easy, effective and affordable way.
Every day we press on with our mission to achieve this. We are helped along by other companies we work in partnership with who also work in the innovative and fast changing tech and comms sectors. For World Internet Day, here is our selection of all things tech right here in Zambia.

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Networking and security

To access the internet we need effective, safe and secure networks. This is a selection of companies that will secure your network, protect and oversee IT operations. Talk to them for networking hardware, network equipment or computer networking devices.