The Best of Zambia supports Nyamuka Zambia Entrepreneurs

On Thursday 24th November 2016, The Best of Zambia presented awards to 5 Nyamuka Zambia winners giving them a year’s online marketing coverage.

Nyamuka Best of Zambia awards
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Nyamuka Zambia winner Peter Nawa receives one year’s coverage on online marketing platform The Best of Zambia from the Best of Zambia team

The Best of Zambia has offered marketing support to Nyamuka’s top 5 winners
The Nyamuka Zambia business plan competition and the Best of Zambia have joined forces to celebrate the success of the 20 winners of the 2016 season of Nyamuka Zambia business plan competition. The Best of Zambia is supporting Nyamuka Zambia winners by showcasing the businesses of the top five prize winners in this year’s competition on our online marketing platform. The aim of this support is to help these five aspiring entrepreneurs to accelerate their businesses by opening up an innovative and efficient way of marketing their goods and services to potential customers.

Of the support being given to the Nyamuka Zambia winners, the Best of Zambia Operations Director, Julia Brown, remarked “It is an absolute pleasure to be working with the inspiring young entrepreneurs identified through the Nyamuka Business Plan Competition. We are passionate about harnessing the massive potential of the internet to give momentum to the growth and development of the Zambian business sector. And we see the sponsorship of these winners as a great opportunity to help move all our dreams forward!”

The Best of Zambia’s online searchable directory gives the Zambian businesses being established and developed through the Nyamuka Zambia competition a cost-effective way to market themselves to a growing local and international audience through the provision of up-to-date business information.

Namaya Mbikusita-Lewanika, Manager of Nyamuka Zambia, commented: “The importance of effective marketing for a new business cannot be overemphasised and we are delighted to be working closely with the Best of Zambia team and its online platform.  We see this platform as being an incredibly useful marketing tool for all of our entrepreneurs and the top five winners who have received the generous support of the Best of Zambia will, I am sure, reap the rewards in the coming months.  We also look forward to working with Julia and the team in other ways going forwards”.

The five recipients who received a year’s free subscription as premium members of the Best of Zambia are:

  • Musanshi Chiluba who is expanding her business, Soft Silver Investments, which produces button mushrooms
  • Bernard Kamweneshe who is developing his business, Marvel Publishers, which produces academic books in line with the Zambian curriculum
  • Peter Nawa, another publisher, but this time a start-up offering a full editing and publication service for authors
  • Andrew Nguvu who is building a company to provide dressed and prepared village chicken to urban markets
  • Lungowe Situmbeko who has a new start-up venture to provide moringa leaf powder and nutritious products made with moringa.

The Nyamuka Zambia business plan competition will launch its third season in March 2017 where it will, once again, be seeking out the best aspiring entrepreneurs and their business ideas.  It will be open to entrepreneurs from all economic sectors and regions of Zambia with the period for submission of applications running from March to the end of April.  After the applications have been assessed by independent judges, 60 candidates will be shortlisted for the next phase of the competition, in which they will develop and refine their  business plans.