Celebrating Zambian agriculture in 2017 with a selection of organisations promoting a green economy

In Zambia, the beginning of August kicks off with a celebration of farming. This year the 91st Agricultural and Commercial Show ended on Farmers Day, 7th of August. In keeping with this year's theme — Promoting a Green Economy — here's a collection of companies that provide related agricultural products and services in Zambia.

Let’s celebrate these organisations. In one way or another they are taking the country towards a greener, more sustainable economy by contributing to the production and distribution of agricultural produce. Let’s praise their efforts in providing food to the nation and beyond! To find out more about these organisations, click through to useful and interesting company profiles, complete with images and contact details.

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6. Agricultural advice and environmental health

We're ending this post with these two leading companies to truly salute. The future of a greener economy is being shaped by companies like these, who offer expert agricultural consultancy services and environmentally friendly agricultural products.