Proudly Manufactured in Zambia Collection — 50 companies flying the flag for Zambia on Independence Day

Despite Zambia being known for its dependency on imports, there's a thriving manufacturing industry. Lets celebrate these companies. Happy Independence Day!

Zambia. The land locked country surrounded by eight neighbours. Dependent on imports made even more costly due to the cost of bringing goods into the country… This might be the complaint you hear repeatedly. This might be the reality.

But there is also another angle. There is a growing manufacturing industry that is contributing to the overall growth of Zambia. We’ve selected 50 manufacturing companies in Zambia that we work in partnership with. Independence Day is a day of celebration. Lets celebrate and support these companies. Lets be proud of our growing manufacturing industry.

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Manufactured for the construction industry

From lintels and roofing tiles to decorative steel balconies, here's a collection of companies manufacturing products for the Zambia construction industry