Share a smile for World Smile Day, and remember to take care of that smile

Smiling is the simplest thing we can do to share good will, good feeling and good vibes. Here's a selection of Zambian dentists to care for your smile.

Today is World Smile Day! Smiling is the simplest thing we can all do to pass on good will, good feeling and good vibes. Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve done a bit of reading and found that various research studies have shown that smiling can:

  • Make you look younger and thinner
  • Make you feel better and elevate your mood
  • Help you succeed more in relationships and your career
  • Create a stronger sense of well-being
  • Make you happier which in turn makes you healthier
  • Induce more pleasure in the brain than chocolate
  • Make you come across courteous, competent and likeable
  • Increase your reputation and popularity
  • Be wonderfully contagious

Here’s something that will make you smile — it takes 43 muscles to frown but only 17 to smile! So, smiling actually requires much less effort than sulking…

Since smiling is so important, we ought to take care of our precious smiles. You can do that with our selection of Zambian dentists.

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