The Batoka Gorge in pictures

A group of gorges with the Zambezi River snaking through its near vertical, 125 metre high walls, commonly known as the Batoka gorge.

We previously blogged about Taita Falcon’s Christmas and New Year accommodation offer. One of Taita Falcon’s main features is that the lodge is perched on the Batoka Gorge. That got me thinking about the gorge and I felt it needed explaining and illustrating to capture it’s magnificence.

When the water has tumbled, crashed, roared and sometimes even trickled it’s way over the Victoria Falls it reaches a series of rocky gorges below. The Zambezi River snakes its way through these gorges. Together the gorges, with walls that are nearly vertical and about 125 metres high, are grouped together and called the Batoka Gorge. But if you want to be pedantic the Batoka Gorge is the final gorge the water passes through as it makes its way to Lake Kariba. The mood of the water travelling over the Victoria Falls depends if it is wet or dry season and the level of water in the gorge varies significantly between seasons.

The gorge is rich in bird life and parts of the gorge can be abseiled. It’s in the gorge that the adventurous can go white water rafting as shown here on this Lucozade video.  These gorges are best illustrated in pictures.

Batoka Gorge. Image by Rebecca M.
Batoka Gorge. Image by Andreas Kollegger
View from Taita Falcon Lodge
Relaxing at Taita Falcon Lodge with a view of Batoka Gorge