The unique orientation safari for those new to Zambia

Guest takes in the views of Zambia at Chiawa Camp

Through Twitter I’ve recently noticed more people moving to Zambia. The Zambian expatriate community is vibrant and growing as Zambia’s economic status improves. An improving economy means increased opportunities and with that comes more expatriates. Even better though is the growing number of returning Zambians. When I left school in 1997 everyone had plans to go study and work abroad and very few had intentions to return. But now through Facebook I find that most of my peers have or are returning. This return of the educated is great for Zambia and will fuel its growth. But how does one settle in to such as new experience?

If you are new to Zambia or have been abroad for so long that you are lost on your return (let’s face it, Zambia has changed a lot over recent years) there is a unique service available from Nyanja Safaris. Their orientation program is especially geared towards the needs of arriving expatriates and people who need re-acquainting with Zambia.

Those new to Zambia in 2011 can benefit from a personalised orientation safari to learn more about where you live, local culture, communities and surrounding areas. The orientation safari can be whatever you need it to be. It can be a straight forward safari, introducing you to the Zambian wilderness or it can include more specific things like an introduction and advice about local business communities, schools or remote areas where you may be stationed for your job. Get better acquainted with the area you are living in, the places you can go and the people you can befriend and things are bound to go smoother.

The Nyanja Safaris orientation safari is well received, flexible so it can accommodate your specific needs, and completely unique. Nyanja Safaris also offers classic safaris, wedding and honeymoon safaris and cultural safaris.  Enquire directly with Nyanja Safaris here.