World Tourism Day 2017 — The Travel Zambia Collection

Today, September 27, 2017 is World Tourism Day. Here's a selection of companies who can help you create the most awesome Zambia travel experiences.

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Canoeing with KaingU Safari Lodge

For World Tourism Day we’ve put together this Travel Zambia Collection, so we can inspire you to explore Zambia through a selection of travel companies we work in partnership with.

This year is about ‘sustainable tourism — a tool for development’. These businesses offer delightful travel experiences, and in one way or another, are helping to advance sustainable development in all its five pillars:

  1. Economic: yielding inclusive growth
  2. Social: bringing decent jobs and empowering communities
  3. Environmental: preserving and enriching the environment and addressing climate change
  4. Cultural: celebrating and preserving diversity, identity, and tangible and intangible culture
  5. Peace: as an essential prerequisite for development and progress

Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) says, “Tourism is today the third largest export industry in the world… It brings hope, prosperity and understanding to so many lives and livelihoods all over the world.”

Here is a tiny slice of what our dear Zambia can offer the discerning traveller, the inquisitive mind and the nature lover, both people in Zambia and from abroad.

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