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Vehicles and transport services in Zambia including modes of transport that can be purchased for use. Also find here haulage services. Since Zambia is a landlocked country it depends heavily on transport companies for the haulage of heavy goods and supplies across Zambia. Cross country haulage is mainly carried out by trucks in Zambia. As a result there are many Zambia transport companies which you can find out more about. Select the type of transportation service you are looking for and relevant companies will be presented. Then you can make arrangements directly through the contact details or enquiry form provided.

Providing air charter services for private or corporate hire, for passenger or freight. … Read more

Companies listed here offer commercial vehicle servicing through single vehicle services or fleet management. They may also carry out specialised repairs, panel beating etc. … Read more

xxxxx … Read more

Where to find different types and makes of vehicles in Zambia, for business and commercial use. Whilst all vehicles are currently imported into Zambia, different companies offer different product ranges, lead times, pre and post sales service levels, and… Read more

Companies in Zambia that organise the movement of cargo, often to or from an international destination. They also typically act as agents for their clients, ‘clearing’ their goods for import or export through customs barriers – a complex operation… Read more

For companies providing ground services for aircraft parked at airports in Zambia. These services include the loading and off-loading of aircraft as well as arranging aircraft parking bays, passenger and crew steps, cabin cleaning, and toilet and water services. … Read more

Since Zambia is a landlocked country the haulage industry is very important for the transportation of goods across the country and to the import and export business with neighbouring countries. Businesses that transport goods by road (by truck) are… Read more

Where to source manual or electricity-powered vehicles for loading, lifting, transporting and handling materials in Zambia. Includes vehicles like forklifts, tow trucks, pallet jacks, platform trucks, turret trucks and more. … Read more

xxxxxx … Read more

Find where to purchase all kinds of trailers for the transportation of goods and materials — small trailers towed by cars and 4x4s, equipment trailers, cargo trailers, race car trailers, water bowsers to large truck trailers and dump trailers. … Read more

xxxxxxx … Read more

Find a range of truck and bus parts and accessories from suppliers in Zambia. … Read more

Find suppliers of new and used trucks and buses in Zambia. Many branded trucks and buses are on offer in Zambia through approved distributors. There are also a wide range of second hand trucks and buses available across the… Read more

A selection of companies that provide services to meet all your corporate vehicle security needs, including tracking and recovery after theft. … Read more

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