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    6392 Dunduza Chisidza Road, Longacres, Lusaka, Zambia
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    PO Box 33333, Lusaka, Zambia

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Mercury Express Logistics key information

  • Long-standing local expertise
  • A network of offices throughout the country
  • A large range of logistics solutions
  • Other services include office relocation and storage

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Mercury Express Logistics is a proudly Zambian company that offers a door-to-door service trusted by companies of all sizes. Mercury’s professional workforce and worldwide network handles hundreds of parcels and shipments each day, helping businesses function effectively and keep their promises. Their local expertise together with international capability ensures they can meet their clients’ business needs every single day. Mercury Express offers the following freight and courier services:

Inter-city consignments within Zambia
Mercury Express offers an extensive domestic service, the Inter-town express. Its comprehensive inter-town network makes delivery to all 73 districts of Zambia! This service includes same day and Saturday deliveries. A Sunday and public holiday delivery service is available for a small additional fee. The range of package weights catered for is from 500g to over 10,000kg. Mercury Express has a tracking system and can provide proof of delivery.

Bulk commodity delivery within Zambia
Mercury Express offers bulk road freight transport of commodities for the mining, manufacturing and agricultural industries. This is a very cost-effective service even for over-sized commodities. Truck services are available to every part of Zambia.

Air freight
For large or small consignments, inbound, outbound or domestic, consider Mercy Express’ competitive air freight service.

Road freight transport between Zambia and South Africa
A weekly, dedicated truck between Zambia and South Africa consolidates services at very competitive rates. Alternatively the Southern African road express service provides a transit time of four working days between Johannesburg and Lusaka.

Specialist courier services
The Mercury Express specialised Tracked Specimen delivery service can handle biological specimen delivery. And for time-critical deliveries, a range of national and international on-demand delivery services is available, promising delivery in the shortest possible time.

Customs clearance
Mercury Express have partnered with TNT to provide a cost-effective customs clearance service. With its extensive experience, Mercury Express offers a special 24-hour clearance and an overnight clearance service. Clearance can be arranged through Chirundu, Kazangula, Livingstone and Lusaka International Airports.

Office relocation
Using its fleet of vehicles, Mercury Express offers professional packaging and shipment handling processes to effortlessly handle office relocation.

Warehouse storage
Mercury’s strategically located warehousing means you no longer have to worry about storage and stock. Mercury warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance and alarm systems.

Mercury does not provide a delivery service for vehicles. Parcels or goods arriving from the United Kingdom to Lusaka take a minimum of 10 working days.

Mercury introduces iShop service
Mercury Express Logistics offers an efficient service through the iShop website. Clients are advised to register with iShop at This account enables clients to receive regular updates and track the progress of their parcels, avoiding any delays.

Mercury Express Logistics will not be able to forward parcels from its New York address if the client is not signed up for iShop or if the parcel is not addressed as shown below, due to US legislation:

Mercury Logistics – Client Ref
(Full name) (phone Number)
733 59th street
Brooklyn, New York 11220

Mercury Express has the following international addresses:

  • Mercury Zambia, Skynet World Express, 53/54 Electron Avenue, Isando, Johannesburg.
  • Mercury Zambia, Big Box Storage, Ingleby House, Crowhurst Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 8AF, UK.



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