The amazing 2014 Zambian Art and Design Show

[caption id="attachment_33470" align="alignnone" width="550"] Two intrepid show goers appear to be heading for the natural skin care stand ...[/caption] The eighth Zambian Art and Design Show took place on a bright Sunday morning - 7th December 2014. As early as 7:30hrs exhibitors and show goers were lined up at the front gates eager to see what the show had in store for them. This year's show had exhibitors from all over the country, and others from Zimbabwe and Malawi. Read More

Fay Designs showcasing in Paris on Oct 25 2014

Organisers of the Africa Fashion Reception have for a second time selected Faith Mulenga Kabende of Fay Designs to showcase her collection at the fashion show in Paris on Saturday Oct 25 2014. (In July, Fay participated in the Abuja Fashion Show courtesy of the same organisers.) Apart from representing Zambia, Fay will be among 30 designers from across Africa. “I am very excited. They (the organisers) said they were very impressed with what I showcased last time. They invited me for the second time and I am ready to showcase haute couture, ready to wear, shoes, bags and jewellery,” Fay said. Together with 29 other African designers, Fay will be showcasing her designs at the Salle Wagram in Paris. Read More

NEL celebrates World Teachers Day

In recognition of all the teachers who schooled us, guided us and allowed us time in the school grounds, October 5th marks World Teachers Day. Since October 5th fell on a Sunday this year, it was celebrated on Monday October 6th in Zambia. In this article NEL Air Conditioning explains how it is doing its part in supporting Zambian education. Read More

The Fifth Annual Potjie Cook-off in Siavonga, Zambia

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the fifth ever Potjie Cook-off at the wonderful Eagles Rest in Siavonga! I’m your host with the most roast, Benny Blow! This year’s competition promises to be more heated than ever before, we have a spicy blend of contestants! Haha, yes, I can’t wait to see—and taste!--what everybody here will be cooking! Read More

Bongwe’s Grand Opening in Lusaka – Live music, drinks and dance

Popularly known as "Bongwe's Barn," the Bongwe's Barn & Guest House is part of Bongwe Safaris and was opened to offer affordable accommodation to Lusaka guests, providing the same great services that Bongwe is  best known for. Bongwe's Barn also has a lively bar and restaurant that serves fantastic "pub grub". Earlier this month, Bongwe's Barn relocated to a new venue in Lusaka's Roma area and to celebrate the new beginning, the Bongwe team hosted a live music event. Blogger extraordinaire Benny Blow was there to capture the fun! The taxi driver had a speech impediment and I was a wee bit tipsy. There was going to be much miscommunication. Giving directions to Bongwe Barn’s new location proved a little more difficult than I’d thought, but I got there just before the show began... Read More

Agritech Expo Zambia 2014

The month of April saw the birth of a major milestone for the agriculture industry in Zambia. The first ever outdoor agricultural expo, Agritech … Read More

Get ready to win prizes! #PointAndPose competition to launch in Zambia on 12th March 2014

From the 12th of March 2014 there are four fantastic prizes up for grabs! Every week for 4 weeks a new winner will be drawn and announced. Enter the #PointAndPose competition (from the 12th of March) to be in with a chance of winning: Week 1, 12th to 18th March 2014: Win a safari weekend break! Win a weekend away for two at Royal Zambezi Lodge, Lower Zambezi National Park. Week 2, 19th to 25th March 2014: Win a Lusaka city break with two signed books! Win a weekend for two at Longview Lodge, Lusaka with two signed books by Zambian author Chisanshi Malama. Week 3, 26th March to 8th April 2014: Win a year's supply of juice plus a Lusaka city break for two! Win 12 cases of a selection of Lynx juices and a weekend for two at Chrismar Hotel, Lusaka. Week 4, 9th to 22nd April 2014: Win PR plus a Livingstone break for two! Win professional PR work by leading PR company Cutting Edge PR and a weekend for two at Chrismar Hotel in Livingstone. [caption id="attachment_29066" align="alignnone" width="550"] Left: Royal Zambezi Lodge. Right: Chrismar Hotel Livingstone. Bottom: Lynx juices[/caption] [caption id="attachment_29067" align="alignnone" width="550"] Top: Chrismar Hotel Lusaka. Left: Cutting Edge PR. Middle: Longview Lodge. Right: Chisanshi Malama books[/caption] How to enter the competition Participating members of have a publicly displayed membership sticker - you'll spot them in places like shop windows and reception areas. Read More

Rally Up The Troops – Siavonga Goodyear Motor Rally

A cloud of dust slowly settled. The white Subaru gradually became visible, plastered with sponsorship stickers and vinyl inside it. Mohamed Essa’s car seemed to stare back at me menacingly as I took another picture of it. My heart raced and I swallowed more dirt flavoured saliva. What a show... Read More

Corporate Heelz – Zambian Women “Power Up” for 2014

Corporate Heelz is a growing community of Zambian professional and entrepreneurial women who seek and share advice, inspiration and tools for success. To kick start the new year, Corporate Heelz hosted an event dubbed “Powering up for 2014” on January 31 2014. It was tailored to help women achieve all their career and business goals in 2014 and beyond. Read More