Decks, Chugs and Rock N Roll – Rock FM Zambia’s Rocktoberfest

New radio stations have been pushing and shoving static to occupy that space in between FM radio signals but it takes a lot to become “the radio station of choice”. Video killed the radio star long ago, but Rock FM is looking to change that. Rock FM is here to kill bad radio. In October, Rock FM 96.5 hosted Zambia's Rocktoberfest 2013 at NASDEC in Lusaka to say thank you to its listeners and win over some new ears. Someone at the event just happened to have a press pass, notepad in hand and a thirst for brew...this is a true account of what happened during Rocktoberfest. Read More

Barefeet Theatre’s Christmas Take Over

This Christmas promises to be one without stockings, let alone shoes! Hungry for more after the successful hosting of the ROAR festival in August, the bare footers from Barefeet Theatre are back, and this time, they have every intention of taking over Christmas! Barefeet Theatre is presenting a series of family friendly events to make your Christmas filled with fun, laughter, spectacle and a lot of Christmas Cheer. Read More

Zambia Fashion Week 2013 in pictures

Zambia Fashion Week may be long over but the inspiring fashion pieces show cased during the show have remained engraved in our hearts. This picture blog shares some of the highlights from the night of the grand finale. Read More

The weird and wonderful world of fashion — Zambia Fashion Week 2013

“These days, when I go to boutiques, I don’t buy much. Before, I’d come home with bags and bags of clothes when I traveled. But now all I buy are chitenge outfits.”  That’s what Karen Nakwala, organiser of Zambian Fashion Week, had said about her wardrobe. She was sharing her thoughts on the fashion industry in Zambia. As a man, I find it very intriguing that people would dedicate whole ceremonies to this ‘fashion’. Give me a t-shirt and jeans and I’m comfortable. A reluctant dip into the Zambian fashion world So I somehow found myself tasked to delve deep into this world of models, motifs and even mannequins! My friend Buba was more than willing to accompany me on this investigation. She too was fascinated by this fashion phenomenon. When we arrived at the Zambia Fashion Week main event on Saturday, Tukiya from Mafashio was on hand to snap pictures of my co-conspirator and I, who kept referring to herself as a ‘drab creature’. She must have been feeling a little intimidated by all the fashionistas. I felt I looked drabber than she did, as I’d opted for my usual garb. She on the other hand seemed quite prepared in her Styrofoam top and goat-skinned skirt. Very avant-garde. Read More

Lions, tigers and bare feet – Barefeet Festival 2013 review

Firstly, if you need a reminder of the excitement we shared over the Barefeet Festival in August, here are two related blogs: 2013 Barefeet Festival in Zambia – from car park performance to 2,000 festival performers and the 2013 Barefeet Festival Zambia — event guide. And now Benny will help you relive your best memories of the 2013 Barefeet Festival. _______________________________________________________________________________ Some of you might think the Barefeet ROAR Festival had something to do with the discarding of shoes, and enjoying liberating footwear-free activities like footsies. To the contrary. I attended the festival and kept my shoes on the entire time! But there was a baring of sorts though. A baring of souls (or soles if you wish). The Barefeet Festival was a week long soul baring, rip-roaring event filled with performance art and discovery. You don’t believe me? Well read on naysayer! A quest, dance, acrobats and clowns. Creative activism known no bounds... I’m a little late for the first day of events at the Lusaka Playhouse. I find that two of the workshops have already started. Naturally, I walk into the Clown Workshop first. Read More

R&G’s 2013 Oktoberfest event guide – Zambia’s biggest summer event!

Have you heard about the Oktoberfest? Saturday October the 5th is the date! If you haven’t, let us help you come out from that rock you’ve been under with this ultimate Oktoberfest event guide! It is organised by R&G Events, a Lusaka based Events Planning and Services Company that is dedicated to bringing together events with a difference. Building up to becoming one of the biggest annual music events in Zambia, Oktoberfest is a day of fun, live music, food, drinks and all round awesomeness! Oktoberfest event guide highlights: Appearance by Zone Fam! Standard entry fee is ZMW50 per person Children below 12 go free Free camping to all fest goers All beers sold at ZMW10 Corkage charges are ZMW50 for a standard cool box and ZMW100 for a large cool box. Famous Fringilla pies and sausages, to kebabs, chips, and burgers! Traditional Zambian food from Orange Cycad fund raising for Conservation Lower Zambezi Read More

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award for Young People

What is the Duke of Edinburgh Award? Founded in 1956 by His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is the world’s leading youth achievement award, bringing together practical experiences and life skills to create committed global citizens and equipping young people for life. Over eight million people have participated in the award in over 140 countries and territories. The award is an exciting self-development programme available to all young people aged 14 to 25 worldwide, equipping them with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities and the world. [caption id="attachment_25770" align="alignleft" width="550"] Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition participants in Zambia[/caption] The Award's history in Zambia The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award was founded in Zambia in 1989. Read More

The Lusaka International Film and Music Festival

We were excited when we caught wind of the Lusaka International Film and Music Festival that started on Friday 30th August and is on till Friday 6th September. The festival is an annual 8 day film platform that showcases primarily African feature films, short films, animation and documentaries and hosts a number of workshops as well as a variety of events that feature musical artistic genres. We caught up with one of the organizers, Charity Maruta, to get all the details about the festival. This is not something you want to miss! Read More

Advocates of African Festivals – The Fest Gurus

[caption id="attachment_24591" align="alignnone" width="550"] @thefestgurus, from left to right, Gwi, Maz, Lo and Zash[/caption] @thefestgurus. I noticed that Twitter name from the get go. Location: Africa. Bio: One Continent. Many festivals. And I want to go to every one of them! So I will follow @thefestgurus until my time comes. For now, we got an interview with the four person team. This blog comes with a warning - it is a very long, but incredibly interesting. It is broken up into four sections: About the Fest Gurus The future of the Fest Gurus Understanding the African Festival scene The challenges, and the future of the African Festival scene 1. About the Fest Gurus What is the Fest Gurus concept? It’s an in development travel documentary / reality show that spotlights African culture through its festivals. Hosts, Lo and Maz, travel to African festivals across Africa, interviewing performing artists, festival organisers and attendees, and give you everything they need to know to attend African festivals. [embed width="550"][/embed] How did the Fest Gurus concept come about? Via twitter. Maz read ‘OKA’s Guide To Music Festivals In Africa’ and tweeted it would be cool to get paid to travel around Africa, attending festivals, and documenting them. A few minutes later, she got a direct message from Lo - she’d had a similar idea and wanted to collaborate. Two weeks later, Maz was in Harare, Zimbabwe meeting Lo. That same day, they started shooting their pilot episode with Zash and Gwi, Lo's contacts. Read More