Chamboniza Bedding opens at East Park Mall

The Christmas season is well and truly underway. Christmas trees are up, fairy lights are twinkling, presents are wrapped and the celebrations and excesses of the season have begun in earnest. Preparing for the Christmas celebrations can be overwhelming, calling for quality rest and sleep - at least 8-10 hours each night. That means a good bed with a mattress you won’t regret sleeping on. And Christmas day afternoon will see a lot of us taking a serious and well-earned nap after the festive feast - again calling for a quality bed and mattress. Read More

So who needs supplements?

Do I eat healthy? That's a question we all need to ask ourselves. Umoyo Natural Health held a supplements workshop with Kim Otteby, Umoyo's founder and director as the speaker on Thursday 18 Dec 2014. Entitled “Do I need supplements?”, the workshop highlighted the things that effect the healthiness of the food we eat, such as poor soils in which the food products are grown, unripe foods, food storage, food processing and lastly how we cook it! Read More

Prime commercial property for sale in Lusaka

This superb property for sale in Lusaka is an  investment opportunity as a lodge, executive offices or other commercial use. Buildings are currently approximately 80% complete but open for viewing. Property location Property is in Rhodes Park, Lusaka, along Tito Road and close to the corner of Church Road Five minutes drive to embassies, Government departments, hospitals and city centre Read More

Fitness Friday: Diabetes – Disease or chronic condition?

This month's Fitness Friday blog was submitted by Food Lover’s Market. What is diabetes? Diabetes mellitus is a condition characterised by raised blood glucose due to the body's inability to use blood glucose for energy. There are two known types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Read More

The Mopane worm – A popular African delicacy

Locally known as “infinkubala” and sometimes as “ifishimu” in Zambia, the Mopane worm is an African delicacy that has literally “wormed” its way into the hearts (and bellies) of people across Southern Africa. These caterpillars are a popular dish in Zambia and are said to be extremely nutritious. In this article Conservation Lake Tanganyika shares some interesting facts about the Mopane worm and walks us through the process of preparing this dish, from harvesting right down to cooking it. Not tried it yet? Read on! (Disclaimer: Not for the faint hearted)  Read More

Kumwesu – the latest TV show with a Zambia twist

Airing every Friday at 19:00 hours (CAT) on African Magic Entertainment Channel, Kumwesu is the latest African lifestyle and entertainment show to hit television screens across Africa. Produced by Ground Focus Media Production, this is the first Southern African produced lifestyle show to air on African Magic Entertainment Channel. We caught up with the feisty, passionate and fashionable Kumwesu presenter, Mutale Mwanza, and got all the inside information on what the buzz is all about and why you should be watching the show! Read More

Fitness Friday: The impact of sleep on your life

This month’s Fitness Friday was submitted by Aphet Mbao. Aphet is CEO and founder of Chamboniza Bedding Limited, a leading speciality bedding company in Zambia. Aphet is also a certified bedding and sleep consultant. This article looks at the impact of sleep on work productivity and general well-being, and tips on how to improve sleeping habits. Relation between sleep and productivity From as early as the 1880s when the first productivity study was done by Ernest Abbe, it has been scientifically and conclusively determined that the quality of our sleep has a huge impact on our work productivity. Read More

An Introduction to Eating Healthy: on skipping meals and portion sizes

Why do we eat? It is true that we eat for energy, growth and repair but mostly, we eat because we enjoy it. But eating healthy is important too. We need to make sure we get a good range of foods. The food we eat is broken down into the following types: Carbohydrates to glucose (sugar) Proteins to amino acids Fats to fatty acids Our body uses sugar as its primary source of energy.  Since our brain does not “store” energy (sugar) it needs a continuous supply of energy. Rule no 1 is: Do not skip meals. In order to regulate our weight, we must pay particular attention to how much we eat. Rule no 2 is:  Control portion sizes. Read More

Stress management: How to beat lifestyle stress

Welcome to Fitness Friday and the high demands of urban life, where people work around the clock and fail to pay attention to their basic needs of life. In order to cope with stress, most people take to substance use such as coffee, alcohol and cigarettes, creating lifestyle issues such as early burnouts, cardiovascular diseases, repeated stress injuries, urinary, reproductive and digestive problems. We need some kind of stress management. And it’s not just the body that is affected by stress. Family and relationships suffer too. Today deep psychological issues are becoming very common. Does any of this sound familiar? This article focuses on lifestyle stress and stress management. Lifestyle stress is a situation where our mind and body believes that it has to be in the state of alert all the time. It recognizes stress as a normal situation. This results in alteration in attention, thought processes and structures (organs of our body) resulting in various health and psychological conditions. Everyone is striving to live longer, however the quality of life has diminished because we are not taking care of ourselves. We work so hard for our future, careers and families, but then we miss the most important step — working on ourselves. What good is all that money when you’re 60, paying health care bills and don’t have quality of life because of your physical health? There’s a special drug out on the market today that’s been around for many years that can help cure these symptoms, yet almost everyone is forgetting to take their daily pill. This is one of the most simple, effective prescriptions that we can stick to and it could save you lots of money.  It’s called exercise. Read More

Are you really what you eat? Food Lover’s Market explains about nutrition

In line with our Fitness Friday theme, Food Lover's Market has volunteered to send in regular information, tips and ideas on how to improve nutritional intake. Food Lover’s are very conscious of the positive effects a healthy, nutritious diet can have on your general wellness therefore this first article will talk about just that – nutrition! We've often heard the saying "You are what you eat" and while this isn't exactly true, what you eat does have a major effect on your general wellness, as the foods you consume will determine the nutrients your body gets. Read More