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Topics relating to services and products useful to those living in Zambia such as education, health and shopping facilities.

Fitness Friday: Diabetes – Disease or chronic condition?

This month’s Fitness Friday blog was submitted by Food Lover’s Market. What is diabetes? Diabetes mellitus is a condition characterised by raised blood glucose due to the body’s inability to use blood glucose for energy. There are two known types … Continue reading

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The Mopane worm – A popular African delicacy

Locally known as “infinkubala” and sometimes as “ifishimu” in Zambia, the Mopane worm is an African delicacy that has literally “wormed” its way into the hearts (and bellies) of people across Southern Africa. These caterpillars are a popular dish in … Continue reading

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Kumwesu – the latest TV show with a Zambia twist

Airing every Friday at 19:00 hours (CAT) on African Magic Entertainment Channel, Kumwesu is the latest African lifestyle and entertainment show to hit television screens across Africa. Produced by Ground Focus Media Production, this is the first Southern African produced … Continue reading

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Fitness Friday: The impact of sleep on your life

This month’s Fitness Friday was submitted by Aphet Mbao. Aphet is CEO and founder of Chamboniza Bedding Limited, a leading speciality bedding company in Zambia. Aphet is also a certified bedding and sleep consultant. This article looks at the impact of … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Eating Healthy: on skipping meals and portion sizes

Why do we eat? It is true that we eat for energy, growth and repair but mostly, we eat because we enjoy it. But eating healthy is important too. We need to make sure we get a good range of … Continue reading

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