e18hteam and a personal view on Zambian soccer

With the recent release of the brilliant Zambian film "e18hteam", we thought this was a good time to reflect on Zambian soccer in general and the way forward. The majority of the Zambian population enjoy soccer either at home or in a sports bar, making it one of the most popular spectator sports in Zambia. The Zambian team is popularly known as Chipololo for the men and She Polopolo for the ladies. e18hteam, produced by Juan Rodriguez-Briso and Ngosa Chungu, is all about "the epic Chipolopolo journey from tragedy to triumph". It artfully combines retrospective clips of Italian football, Zambian football and the 1992 Gabon tragedy, together with the thrills of the 2012 Afcon victory game (you can watch the trailer here). The film seeks to express what all this means to the Zambian consciousness in terms of national identity and the evolution of a confident and achievement-oriented people. I believe it succeeds in this. Zambia has had its fair share of wins and losses in the game of football. There were massive celebrations in 2012 when the Chipolopolo boys brought victory to Zambia by winning the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) with Herve Renard as the head coach. This gave Zambia a continental title, becoming the fourteenth nation to win the title. Dedicated to the Zambian players who died in the 1993 plane crash, this win attracted investment into Zambian football. But there has not been too much to show for it. Read More

NEL celebrates World Teachers Day

In recognition of all the teachers who schooled us, guided us and allowed us time in the school grounds, October 5th marks World Teachers Day. Since October 5th fell on a Sunday this year, it was celebrated on Monday October 6th in Zambia. In this article NEL Air Conditioning explains how it is doing its part in supporting Zambian education. Read More

Your favourite blog!

The Best of Zambia has been blogging on its current platform since July 2010. Wanting to know which is your favourite blog, we recently checked out our most popular blogs as chosen by you! Here are the results (in reverse order): Read More

BUK Truck Parts – lessons in business growth

BUK Truck Parts, a company already well known as a leading source of quality truck parts for Zambian businesses, has recently added trailer parts to its extensive product range. We thought this was a good time to republish an interview we had a couple of years ago with BUK's founder and managing director Mr Benjamin Katubiya ... Read More

The Give Movement Journey

Sandy Salle, owner and founder of Hills of Africa Travel and co-founder of the Give Movement Journey gives us a stunning write-up on the Give Movement Journey, what inspired her to start it, her experiences last year, and last but not least, how participants can join .... Read More

A reflection on Zambia’s 50 years of Independence

As we prepare to celebrate Zambia's 50th year of Independence, I would like to share my personal thoughts on the subject. Is Zambia really developing as it should? Zambia is one of the developing countries in the southern region of Africa, making its way to being developed and with a real potential to develop to a high standard. But Zambia's Independence Day is not so important to me because I feel that most countries that achieved independence after Zambia are doing much better than Zambia. Read More

Healthy foods for healthy bones – by Umoyo Natural Health

[caption id="attachment_31488" align="alignnone" width="550"] Image credit: Sean Justice/Corbis[/caption] Is your body acidic or alkaline? and why should you care? We've all been taught that milk helps to build healthier bones. But it turns out this is just not true. Milk actually contributes to an acidic environment in the body creating weak bones and an optimal environment for disease. In fact most of the foods we eat are acidic, leading to acidic bodies. Read More

The Fifth Annual Potjie Cook-off in Siavonga, Zambia

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the fifth ever Potjie Cook-off at the wonderful Eagles Rest in Siavonga! I’m your host with the most roast, Benny Blow! This year’s competition promises to be more heated than ever before, we have a spicy blend of contestants! Haha, yes, I can’t wait to see—and taste!--what everybody here will be cooking! Read More

The Awesome Foundation Lusaka – Grants for great ideas in Zambia

Got an awesome idea?  Here’s a new way to get it off the ground! Have you ever had a great business idea but had absolutely no way of getting it off the ground? Finances often play a big role in bringing an idea to life and sometimes we just don’t have the funds to give our dreams a head start.  Wouldn’t it be great if someone heard your idea, thought it was amazing and handed you some money to get you started, with absolutely no strings attached? It would be AWESOME! And that’s exactly what the Awesome Foundation is all about. Read More