Tom’s Talk — the best time to visit Kafue National Park, Zambia

[caption id="attachment_18867" align="alignnone" width="550"] Early morning mist on the Kafue River in Zambia (Credit: Egbert de Kwaasteniet)[/caption] In recent times the series of Tom’s Talks seem to have faded into the mists that rise from the Kafue River early in the mornings of July and August. At this time of year the air above the river is cooler than the warm waters of the river. Leaving the many reasons I could come up with for the long break I am now galvanised into action by the question often asked of me, "When is the best time to visit Kaingu Safari Lodge and the Kafue National Park in Zambia? Read More

Zambia’s sporting success – Mayuka signs for Southampton and Essa wins the African Rally

This has been an excellent weekend of sport for Zambia. On Sunday 3rd of September 2012, twenty one year old Zambian striker Emmanuel Mayuka made his premier league football debut. He played his first match for Southampton FC against Manchester United. As if that wasn't enough to celebrate, on Sunday, 3rd September 2012, twenty three year old Mohammed Essa became the 2012 African Motor Rally Champion. Read More

Elaka – the Zambian singer, songwriter

[caption id="attachment_17912" align="alignnone" width="550"] Singer, song writer, Elaka[/caption] As we work toward raising Zambia's profile online we love it when we stumble across Zambians striving for more. Elaka approached us about her new singles and whether you personally like Elaka's sound or not, we take our hat off to her hard work and commitment. Read More

Cafés and coffee house culture in Zambia

I have fond memories of my first “café” experiences in Zambia. Oh how cafés have moved on since then! Here's what to expect from the café culture in Zambian coffee houses with a selection of café's to choose from. In my childhood home town of Monze we had one or two tea rooms which were attached to a standard bakery selling standard loaves of bread. These tea rooms usually had a less-than-rigorous approach to hygiene and dish washing! Back then we ordered tea that came with plenty of milk and lashings of sugar. Accompanying this were thick slices of bread with an equally thick layer of margarine OR jam. Bottled Fanta or Coke was the only alternative to the tea nectar. Read More

Kariba Bush Club opens Maaze Island with a super special offer

Along the idyllic shores of Lake Kariba in Zambia, you'll find Kariba Bush Club with lake view chalets, guesthouses, house boats and a campsite. It's most recent, and rather exciting addition is Maaze Island. With its sandy beaches and wonderful wildlife, Maaze Island has always been a favourite camping spot for the Jordaan family who own it. The Jordaan family are majority shareholders in Kariba Bush Club and knew that the addition of an island camp would be a great asset to the lodge. With this in mind, it then took some determination and respect for the natural environment to ensure the development had minimal impact on the fragile island environment. Read More

Valentine’s Sweetheart Dinner at the Lusaka International Community School, 11/02/2012

The International School of Lusaka’s Sweetheart Dinner is a sponsored event and all money raised will be going to charity. For just K90,000 per person (K150,000 per couple) enjoy a fantastic romantic evening with entertainment that includes a 'how well do you know your partner game' and raffle prizes. A heavy weight list of sponsors have offered their services to make this a special night that will also make a difference to the needy. Read More

Kanyemba get-away weekend, Lower Zambezi, Zambia

In a previous blog we announced how one lucky member of The Best of Zambia team won two nights at Kanyemba Lodge. Well, that lucky person was me, Multi-media journalist for the Best of Zambia! So, here's what happened on this fabulous getaway trip in the Lower Zambezi... Read More

Tom’s Talk — Cheetah: the greyhound of Zambia’s vast plains

[caption id="attachment_13585" align="alignnone" width="550" caption="Male cheetahs"][/caption] Kafue National Park's number one flagship species in the Open Africa monitoring program — according to Richard Estes, in his book ‘The Safari Companion’, a guide to watching African mammals, is, “A cat with a greyhound chassis, built for speed”. It has relatively small feet for its body size, and tracks that show signs of its unsheathed claws. It is this that allows one to distinguish between the tracks of cheetah, hyena and wild dog in areas where these animals occur together. This can be more often than one expects, especially in the central part of the Kafue National Park. Read More

Lessons from Mauritian tourism

[caption id="attachment_13522" align="alignnone" width="550" caption="Us and the bouquet"][/caption] In September of this year I got married on the amazing island of Mauritius. Born and raised in Zambia, I married an Englishman. We always knew we'd need somewhere neutral to get wed. Here's how we ended up in Mauritius and what I feel Zambia could learn from this small paradise island. Read More