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Local NGOs

There is a range of local Zambian non-governmental organisations — from self-help associations to national societies and federations. They may seek to address issues related to health, HIV AIDS, gender, human rights or the environment. Some operate locally or nationally, working towards improving livelihoods or the quality of education. Local NGOs often benefit communities, but may also serve the private sector or work within the political arena.

Many charities in Zambia seek to improve people’s livelihoods and assist vulnerable individuals and communities with basic needs such as education, water and health care. They raise funds for their work through charity concerts or other events, through sponsorship… Read more

Find out about groups of like-minded individuals who have formed associations that are active throughout Zambia. … Read more

There are many self-help associations in Zambia. They comprise of groups of individuals whose purpose is to further their common goals, to help improve and sustain their quality of life as well as the environment in which they live. … Read more

A list of organised voluntary associations of people registered as a society in Zambia for religious, benevolent, cultural, scientific, political, patriotic or other purposes. … Read more

A selection of organisations in Zambia which have been set up as a trust to enable them to further particular developmental goals. … Read more

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