Kayaking in Zambia

Kayaking is one of the biggest rushes you can have on the water, letting you play in lakes, river rapids, waterfalls and even the sea. In Zambia it is a different way to encounter the incredible power at the Zambezi Falls where you row through the rapids along with experienced whitewater kayaks. With your kayak, paddle, life jacket as well as helmet at the top of the gorge, go on an quick walk all the way down to the Boiling Pot, you will receive safety instruction plus a practice session ahead of starting your experience. An experienced white water kayaker will help direct the boat in the rapids along with you putting your help. The entire trip is run jointly with a rafting expedition for extra safety.You and your special guide, make sure that that you stick within the kayak. There isn’t any past expertise expected for this sport.

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The gorge itself varies from 140 metres to 250 metres deep, making for striking views and high levels of raw excitement. Another option for white-water enthusiasts is tandem kayaking in the gorge in Topolino Duo Kayaks. A qualified kayaker-guide sits in the back, piloting and manoeuvring the kayak through rapids, while you sit in front and assist with paddle power. Kayaking experience is not necessary, but you should be a confident swimmer. Kayaks, smaller and lighter than rafts, may capsize in bigger rapids.