Health, Wellness & Green Living Market

By Entrepreneurship and Cultural Pride 11 months ago

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8 April at 10:00—17:00

Theme: Back to basics the holistic Way

Health is one of the primary concerns of most people, particularly when it is compromised. With more research, we now have an appreciation of the interconnected of the environment, our psychological, emotional, physical, relational and spiritual wellbeing. Wellness adds a beautiful dimension which appreciates the holistic development of a person. It embraces creativity, our perspectives on life and the choices we make. We are thinking more about longevity, sustainability, and the future generations to come.

Entrepreneurship and Cultural Pride Expo (ECPE), Afropolitan Theatre Company (ATC) and Partners are excited to welcome the public’s attendance to this one day event appropriate for the whole family.

The market will be a holistic experience of various product and service providers in the Health, Wellness and Green living sectors displaying and selling throughout the day. The event will also be interactive with activities and entertainment.

Businesses can also participate by booking a stall. The market is looking to attract:

  • Health, wellness, life style sectors
  • Alternative health producers / service providers
  • Health foods both perishables and dry ingredients;
  • Renewable energy producers / services and alternative suppliers
  • Fitness and physical activity
  • Emotional and Spiritual practitioners
  • Literature suppliers
  • Arts & Craft; All Creative business
  • Plants and organic crops;
  • NGOs promoting sustainable and Ecoliving,
  • Eco designers;
  • Beauty and body care; etc.
  • Financial and Investment advisors
  • Education and personal development focused services
  • Government departments
  • Entertainment providers

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Afropolitan Theatre Company

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