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ClassEcon Roofing Africa Ltd general information

  • Affordable roofing that looks good and lasts
  • Special offers and discounts offered regularly
  • Economical wider specifications available
  • Raw materials sourced from quality suppliers

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Incorporated in 2010, and backed by a UK investment company, ClassEcon Roofing is a manufacturer and supplier of all types of roofing and steel products. The company has acquired ultra-modern world class equipment to manufacture standard profiles with the latest features. Their range offers economically priced, high quality roofing solutions that look neat and uncluttered. Five new profiling lines have recently been commissioned to support the original compact range.

The wide selection of roofing profiles are available in various thicknesses ranging from 0.25mm to 0.80mm, both in galvanized and pre-painted steel. Profiles made of other material such as aluminium or stainless steel are available on order. The ClassEcon roofing range caters for the following applications:

  • Industrial roofing (sheds, factory, storage, cladding)
  • Commercial roofing (showrooms, filling stations, hotels, lodges, farms)
  • Institutional roofing (schools, church organizations, hospitals)
  • Residential roofing (elite, premium, middle income and low cost)

In addition ClassEcon Roofing supplies all types of roofing accessories, including ridges, valley gutters, flashings, rotating ventilators, insulation-films and fasteners. They even offer free after sales delivery to customers within Lusaka for orders of ZMK 5,000,000 and above. Additionally customers who make repeat purchases get a 2% discount and customers who hold an account with ClassEcon get a fixed price on purchases even when prices go up! All staff are carefully selected and fully trained, to give professional assistance to customers.

The company is proud of the quality of its roofing. It is made to last so you can avoid the inconvenience and cost of repairs and replacements. Features unique to ClassEcon Roofing include:

  • The use of Chromadek coils, manufactured by Arcelor Mittal in South Africa for the majority of its roofing (Arcelor Mittal is the largest producer of steel globally)
  • Tiles, IBR, wide-span IBR and corrugation are all available in extra wide versions.
  • Using wider tiles and sheets saves money on materials, the structure and the fixing costs. Also the roof looks better and is significantly less prone to leaks and rust.
  • ClassEcon profiles (except thin gauge ‘Malata’) come with an anti-capillary kink to stop the seepage of water between the overlapping sheets by capillary action of water. This prevents minor leaks even in heavy weather conditions. This makes the ClassEcon roof the most compact and the most weather resistant roof on the market.
  • ClassEcon Roofing source their steel and raw materials from highly reputable global steel companies, mainly from Arcelor Mittal, South Africa.


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