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Boreholes and Pumps pictures

Zamcapitol Enterprises water supply products

  • Windmills
  • Treadle mills
  • Conventional water pumps
  • Irrigation pipes
  • Water tank stands
  • Poly tanks

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Zamcapitol Enterprises manufacture and supply windmills, treadle pumps, water pumps, irrigation pipes, water tank stands and poly tanks, catering for all kinds of water supply needs. The company’s engineering workshops are well-equipped to build, modify or extend clients’ water supply systems. As well as water supply systems, Zamcapitol Enterprises also manufacture Zambia agriculture equipment and durable aluminium pots. Zamcapitol aims to become the premier provider of high quality engineering products and services in Zambia.

The Zamcapitol windmill can raise water from a borehole as deep as 80 meters. It has a tower with the rigidity to combat wind vibrations, with ample reciprocation force and a strong rotating shaft set on high precision bearings. The 360° rotary turntable utilises a thrust bearing to absorb vertical thrusts, and a wide tail to capture winds from all directions. The wide vanes with a 45° outlet blade angle will rotate even if there is only a slight breeze. These windmills wear well and are virtually maintenance free. Servicing is possible even at village level, making them ideal for rural water supplies.

The Zamcapitol treadle pumps can lift 1.2 litres of water per stroke, with a suction head of 6 meters and a pumping head of 6 meters. They are much cheaper than conventional water pumps, and simple to set up and operate.


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