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Mineral exploration pictures

Geohydro Consulting provides services to
  • Mineral exploration companies
  • Mining and construction companies
  • Water supply organizations

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GeoHydro is a Zambian geological, geo-technical and hydro-geological consultancy company committed to providing a quality service to the mining and water supply sectors. The management team are qualified professionals with over 26 years of experience. This is a Zambian company with an established network of professional associates in the sub-region which it is expanding into. GeoHydro was incorporated in Zambia in 2005 and later opened a branch in Lubumbashi, Congo DR. They have provided services to local and international clients earning a reputation as the preferred local consultant and contractor. GeoHydro is characterised by a high level of professionalism, a highly skilled workforce and state-of-the-art equipment. They are dedicated to the health and safety of employees and equipment.

Mineral exploration services
The initial assessment and appraisal involves an archive data search, desktop studies of potential regions of interest and ground fixing of prospect areas. This is followed by a geological assessment of potential exploration areas and the generation of first pass exploration targets. GeoHydro will manage the exploration project either in full or in a supporting capacity. After geological mapping comes geophysical ground surveys and geochemical surveys (of stream sedimentations, soils, rock chips and trench channels). The drilling is carried out using diamond drills which extracts the drill core from which samples are prepared. GeoHydro can provide supervision of all relevant activities.

Using sophisticated Geographic Information Systems (GIS), GeoHydro gathers data for geological, geochemical, geophysical and geotechnical interpretation. The processes and techniques used include satellite imagery, aerial photographs, map scanning and geo-referencing. Geologists and geo-technicians may be hired from GeoHydro to carry out specific projects.

Other services
GeoHydro also provides services to engineering construction work  includes geo-technical site investigations for the design of building foundations as well as related diamond drilling  activities. In the area of geophysics data processing, the total magnetic field intensity may be obtained using a GSM-19 magnetometer. The induced polarization technique is also used to help identify subsurface materials. GeoHydro has experience in managing groundwater-based rural water supply projects. It also supervises drilling for groundwater and carries out aquifer assessment and evaluation tests. GeoHydro also performs water quality assessments, aquifer pollution vulnerability and susceptibility assessments and environmental impact assessments.

Geophysics and drilling equipment
GeoHydro have the following state-of-the-art equipment available for use on their project work:

  • Maxmin electromagnetic system
  • Frequency domain electromagnetic inducer
  • Geo-resistivity meter (Geotron G41)
  • Proton precession magnetometers (<0.1 nT sensitivity, 0.01 nT resolution and 1.0 nT)
  • Sodin gravity meters
  • Hand held scintilometer
  • Downhole geophysical survey equipment
  • IP transmitters and receivers
  • Diamond drill rigs (LF90D Boart Longyear 2008 Model) with a drill depth of up to 1,280m
  • Diamond saw splitter (for the drill core)
  • Channel sampling saw cutter (petrol generated)
  • Sighting compasses
  • Stereoscopes
  • Diesel powered generators

Preservation of the environment
GeoHydro ensures minimal environmental disturbance and encourages and advises their clients in good environmental practices. The company strives to preserve the original flora and fauna using a “Permit to clear” system of control. All their activities are assessed against the relevant national legislation and policies. GeoHydro uses and promotes environmentally friendly procedures to guide the closure or decommissioning of all field related works.

A  Guide to the Rates

  • Management fees are calculated per day for a professional review of geographical areas of potential interest, first pass targeting and design of exploration programs, surface geological mapping and ground geophysical surveys, geochemical surveys and  sampling. Drill target generation, geological and geotechnical logging and sampling, and results interpretation are also covered by this rate.
  • The geological advisory fee for short term work is calculated in US dollars per hour.
  • A geologist or hydrogeologist is charged at a predetermined rate per day.
  • A geo-technician is charged at a predetermined rate per day.
  • Drill core logging and sampling is calculated in US dollars per metre.
  • Diamond drilling rates depend on the planned drilling metres.
  • Data processing and interpretation is charge on a daily basis or per hour.
  • Map scanning, printing and digitising is charged in US dollars per copy or per hour respectively.
  • GeoHydro can arrange exploration licenses and renewals in US dollars per area.
  • Clients will be charged for the cost of secondary data collection in archive searches.
  • For geophysics work, ground magnetics is charged in US dollars per line km, induced polarisation is charged in US dollars per line km, VES is charged in US dollars per site, and resistivity profiling is charged in US dollars per per metre.
  • Geophysics equipment can be hired out at a pre determined rate.
  • Off-road vehicles may be hired by GeoHydro at a daily rate
  • Specific quotations are valid for 30 days and prices may change without notice.

Project handling
All projects undertaken by GeoHydro are covered by an official works contract outlining the terms of reference and time-framed responsibilities and cost estimates. Depending on clients’ preferences GeoHydro provides its own 4×4 vehicles, camping gear, exploration tools and equipment. Other specialised equipment can be sourced.

Supply of consumables
Geohydro are able to supply the following items at the retail price plus a 20% mark up: Sample bags, sample ticket books, core blocks, marker pens, core trays, field note books, core tray labels, soil sample packets and storage boxes, and geological hammers.



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