Legal and Regulatory Manager

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21 April

Airtel is the number one service provider covering every district in Zambia and offering the widest range of tariffs & Value Added Services on the market suiting all our subscribers. Managing the Contracts and Litigation aspects concerning the organization and protecting against risk to ensure minimal penal sanctions and litigious and other exposure to the Company and its Board of Directors. Supporting the Legal and Regulatory Director in the provision of legal advice to the Board and the organization and custodian of legal and regulatory documentation on behalf of the Company.


  • Verify and ensure that all risks inherent in company’s transactions are properly managed and addressed through proper legal documentation
  • Ensure subordinate effectiveness in the provision of legal support in Company’s loan portfolio management
  • Evaluate, cascade and ensure compliance of all directives, policies, and regulations from time to time
  • Ensure regular interaction with external bodies including heads of local authorities, licensing authorities or regulators as may be required
  • Provide legal advice to the Board of Directors
  • Develop Company Secretary AOP in liaison with Director Legal & Regulatory
  • Direct achievement of AOP targets by ensuring the optimization of spend both in terms of money spent on work and time spent on completion of tasks
  • Reduce the number of iteration required for each tasks thereby achieving quality in faster time
  • Monitor the implementation of AOP and projects in strict adherence to budget or with a view to achieving savings
  • Ensure compliance with the Lusaka Stock Exchange rules and Codes of Governance as all Legislation related to the Listing and other corporate functions of Airtel
  • Liaise with all shareholders and provide them necessary support as prescribed by Law and Regulation
  • Develop and motivate team members through structured training and on the job coaching
  • Establish performance expectations and regularly review individual performance
  • Recommend appropriate rewards and recognition
  • Provide direction and support for subordinate staff and perform regular reviews of the functions and activities


  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
  • Admitted to the Zambian Bar
  • 10 years of varied experience in law
  • Three years of relevant experience in Telecommunications field or as Company Secretary
  • Sound knowledge of statutory frameworks impacting on business and functional units
  • Extensive knowledge of Zambia telecom, business and political environment
  • Ability to innovate and deliver value to business at multiple levels will play an important role
  • Ability to deliver in a volatile and changing business environment
  • Ability to communicate and work in teams with diverse objectives

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Airtel Zambia (Showgrounds, Lusaka)

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