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26 May

The University of Africa is seeking a dynamic Librarian to lead the University in its mission to provide a comprehensive academic information service across digital and physical platforms to the University of Africa research and student community. The University of Africa is a fast growing Zambian Registered University offering Open and Distance Learning qualifications to a growing student population across Africa


  • Part of the University Leadership Team and will manage library, technology, information and communication systems
  • critical role in research, academic information, communication and outreach activities of the University of Africa
  • expand digital and physical access to the University and academic information across the full spectrum of the African community
  • Play a key role in digital information and communication channels to reach students and academics across Africa

How to apply
Send CV and copies of appropriate librarian and academic  qualifications to the undersigned:

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+26 096 547 8910
To apply for this job email
University of Africa-Zambia (ThornPark, Lusaka)

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