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22 May

Pestalozzi Education Centre is an international boarding school that provides an outstanding education for boys and girls where each child is developed as an individual in a caring and well-resourced environment Pestalozzi Education Centre is seeking a well-qualified primary school teacher to join its teaching staff.


  • The position will involve teaching students in Grade 5 and assisting in the delivery of extra-curricular activities
  • The applicant will be a motivated individual with a keen interest in encouraging and inspiring students to love learning and excel in the subject areas


  • Diploma
  • The preferred candidate will have Degree level education
  • Computer literate with MS Word and Excel
  • Personal Description

This role requires someone with:

  • Excellent spoken and written English skills
  • Highly organized with high standards and attention to detail
  • Self-motivated
  • Self-disciplined to be able to manage a highly varied and busy workload
  • Committed to a high quality of work
  • Patience
  • Sympathetic to and able to deliver on the shared vision and the mission of the organization

How to apply
Send your CV to the undersigned:

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To apply for this job email
Pestalozzi Education Centre Primary and Secondary School (Ibex Hill, Lusaka)

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