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Pubs and Bars

The Zambia pub restaurant scene is popular with working professionals and sports lovers. These friendly and relaxing environments are often buzzing with conversation and music, as well as supporting teams cheering on their favourite premiership football team. Zambia pub restaurants make a great place to eat, serving food, alcohol and soft drinks. These pub venues also often run special events. Some pub restaurants are family-friendly with areas suitable for children.

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Name Location Description Listing
Bombay Lounge Lusaka, Levy Junction Mall Lounge bar Gold
Chicago's Bistro Lounge Lusaka Lounge bar Gold
Kalahari Hotels and Lodges Lusaka Lively local bar Silver
Kasonx Pub & Grill Lusaka Wine bar Gold
News Café Lusaka Cocktail bar Gold
O'Hagan's Lusaka Irish bar Gold
Revolución Mexican Bar and Grill Lusaka Mexican bar Silver
Rhapsody's Lusaka Wine bar Gold
Smuggler's Inn Lusaka Sports bar Silver
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