Metropolitan School

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    Plot 9814, Kafue Road, Lusaka, Zambia
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    PO Box, 33618, Lusaka, Zambia

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Primary School information
  • Co-education
  • Grade one to seven
  • Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) exams
  • Take part in JETS fair
  • Free extra remedial classes
  • Clubs for music, cultural dance and more



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Metropolitan Primary School is run by a team of well qualified, experienced and dedicated staff specifically employed to help develop the mind of these primary school students. The school has a long history and has run successfully since 1979. The school has successfully maintained high standards in moulding the characters of young minds. Metropolitan Primary School has great facilities for academic and extra curriculum activities for all pupils. Metropolitan Primary School is set up for parents who want to invest in quality education for their children.

Situated along the Kafue Road in Lusaka the school’s location is most conducive to teaching and learning – it is away from the noise and distractions of the main city. This environment offers great natural surroundings for the children to explore and develop in. The primary school takes children the school curriculum from grades one to seven after which pupils write the Examination Council of Zambia exams.

Student teacher ratios and approach
Student-teacher ratios are low allowing the teachers the ability to differentiate between the individual needs of their students. As a result teachers are able to offer instructions based on pupils’ individual strengths, interests, and abilities.

School facilities and services
The science lab is well equipped and Metropolitan Primary School also has a computer room and library. The infrastructure and grounds provide a favourable environment for teaching and learning with a campus that is spacious and well equipped with playgrounds and sports equipment for football, volleyball, basketball and mini cricket. Indoor activities are also scheduled for students and includes clubs like music and cultural dance. Free extra remedial classes are held in the afternoons for pupils who are struggling and need more help to achieve their grades.  The school also arranges occasional educational tours and visits to various places around the country.

Metropolitan School are proudly part of JETS Fair which offers academic and extra curricular activities for all round personality development for the pupils. Metropolitan school awards at JETS Fair provincially and nationally. The Junior Engineers Technicians and Scientists (JETS) fair is very popular in Zambia and makes a substantial contribution to pupil learning in the school curriculum.


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