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Find out about health services in Zambia to meet a variety of health needs. The range of services includes overall health, lifestyle services and other health care services. Find information about doctors and dentists for example, fitness and natural health and private health care. Select the type of health service you are looking for and relevant companies will be presented. Then you can make arrangements directly through the contact details or enquiry form provided.

For details of spas, gyms and sports facilities, view our Health and fitness section.

Companies that offer plastic surgery, depilation, hair transplantation or other surgical procedures designed to improve the physical appearance and reduce the effects of ageing. … Read more

Where to go in Zambia for all things dental – whether that’s regular check-ups, treatments or emergencies. … Read more

With people tending to spend more of their time at sedentary occupations, more and more of us are looking for an effective way of achieving our fitness and health goals. Going to the gym is a popular way to… Read more

Health clinics, staffed by nurses, and general practitioners sometimes on a part-time basis, attend to people within a community who may have a range of health issues from chest infections to diarrhoea. Medicines are also often provided from a dispensary on… Read more

Where to find hospitals in Zambia – general hospitals or specialised units. … Read more

Natural health care embraces the concept of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to optimise personal health. It deals with health issues and improving personal health through the use of natural remedies and a healthy, positive approach to life in general.… Read more

Opticians are specialized health care practitioners who design, fit and dispense lenses for the correction of a person’s vision. Opticians in Zambia are registered and licensed to practice. All major towns and cities in Zambia have practicing opticians. … Read more

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