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  • Address:
    6392 Dunduza Chisidza Road, Longacres, Lusaka, Zambia
  • Postal Address:
    PO Box 33333, Lusaka, Zambia

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Mercury Express Logistics key information

  • Long-standing local expertise
  • A network of offices throughout the country
  • Warehouse storage
  • Partnerships with well-known international couriers

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Using its well-established local infrastructure and expertise, as well as partnerships with international couriers, Mercury Express Logistics can deal efficiently with every kind of delivery.

The company first offered its courier services to Zambia in 1994. Since then it has developed its infrastructure and range of services to cater for the transportation and delivery of goods throughout Zambia. Mercury Express provides competitive rates, a  flexible approach and a comprehensive international support system.

Inter-city consignments within Zambia
Think of a town in Zambia – Mercury goes there! The Inter-town express service delivers parcels anywhere in Zambia every day of the year. You can use this service for packages from 500g to over 10,000kg. Your consignment can be tracked and delivery can be confirmed. Different options include overnight express, road express, economy road, intercity deliveries, clinical express and same day express.

Lusaka city courier
Have your invitations or newsletters delivered within 48 hours by hand within Lusaka (for a minimum of 10 envelopes).

International courier service
Mercury Express Logistics asserts that they offer more services to more countries than any other express operator on the planet! Through strategic partnerships, they service over 220 countries with over 500 aircraft through over 500,000 employees. Together with local knowledge and employee dedication, this means that Mercury Express is able to offer very effective logistics solutions for each of its corporate clients.

Mercury’s international courier service includes document express, parcel express, import express, road express and clinical express. For security and speed, discuss all your import and export needs with Mercury Express.

Inter-branch collections and deliveries
You can use Mercury Express to collect and deliver your internal mail and packages between branches. This is a trustworthy and cost-effective internal mail alternative.

Mailroom services
This service covers the whole of Zambia. Towns covered by the 24 hour service include Chingola, Kabwe, Kalomo, Kitwe, Livingstone, Mazabuka, Mkushi, Monze, Mongu and Ndola. Towns covered by Mercury’s 48 hour service include Chipata, Kasama, Mansa, Mpika, Nakonde and Solwezi. Deliveries to other towns are also possible for a small additional fee.

Account management
Mercury Express can handle all outgoing and incoming mail, parcels and freight shipments for a corporate company. Its dedicated staff will actively manage the whole process, from collection to delivery. Mercury Express staff are available 24/7 and on-site if necessary.  Additionally, your own staff can be trained. Mercury Express will monitor all delivery requests, provide daily, weekly and monthly feedback, and give statistical analysis of courier and transport usage.

Personal mailing address in US, UK or China
This Mercury service allows you to enjoy all the benefits of shopping online from the US, UK and China websites without living there. This service offers you a personal mailing address in the US, UK and China where you can receive your correspondence as well as personal and business packages such as Internet orders, gifts, magazine subscriptions, bank statements and more. Mercury then forwards the account contents to you at very competitive rates, saving you time, effort and money

Online shopping deliveries
Mercury places a world of shopping options at your finger tips. Their ‘Shop the World’ service offers a wide range of shopping choices from world-famous North American and European fashion catalogs, in addition to online retailers. Simply request the items you desire and we will order and deliver them to your doorstep

Alternatively, use High Street Connect, Mercury’s online shopping partner. Mercury Express will then deliver direct to your address. Payment is charged on a cash basis according to the weight of the parcel. Mercury Express has a tracking system and can provide proof of delivery for each parcel.

Mercury introduces iShop service
Mercury Express Logistics offers an efficient service through the iShop website. Clients are advised to register with iShop at This account enables clients to receive regular updates and track the progress of their parcels, avoiding any delays.

Mercury Express Logistics will not be able to forward parcels from its New York address if the client is not signed up for iShop or if the parcel is not addressed as shown below, due to US legislation:

Mercury Logistics – Client Ref
(Full name) (phone Number)
733 59th street
Brooklyn, New York 11220

Mercury Express has the following international addresses:

  • Mercury Zambia, Skynet World Express, 53/54 Electron Avenue, Isando, Johannesburg.
  • Mercury Zambia, Big Box Storage, Ingleby House, Crowhurst Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 8AF, UK.



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