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Boats pictures

Aliboats aluminium boats information

  • Quality aluminium boats
  • Designed by approved draughtsmen
  • All kinds of boats can be built
  • Customised aluminium products can be ordered
  • Based in Lusaka and Livingstone

Aliboats canvas product range

  • Safari tents – bow, cottage, Machaba, Matsaudi, mess tents and shower tents
  • Mailbags
  • Toiletry bags
  • Spanner bags
  • Shower buckets
  • Folding bush basins
  • Folding luggage racks
  • Bedrolls
  • Game drive ponchos
  • Windsocks
  • Hanging shelves
  • Picnic bags
  • Wardrobe bags
  • Medical trauma rolls
  • Gun bags
  • Travel bags

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Boat construction is carried out by the Aliboats team who is committed to finding a solution for your boating requirements amongst their extensive range of boat products. All their boats are designed by approved draughtsmen. Further details on the Aliboats story is available here.

Aliboats build hulls and boat fixtures and fittings for many applications including:

  • Leisure boats
  • Sundown cruisers
  • Commercial fishing boats
  • Bass fishing boats
  • Family fun boats
  • Portable “car top” boats
  • Patrol vessels for military, police and game departments
  • Rescue boats
  • Water taxis
  • River and lake cargo transport boats and barges
  • Car and truck ferries
  • Off shore boats
  • Punts
  • Swamp cruisers
  • Landing craft
  • Pontoon boats
  • Jet boats
  • Sea-going hulls and high capacity barges

Aliboats are a trusted company in Zambia, located in Lusaka and Livingstone, with knowledgeable staff. They supply durable and superior quality products together with spares, service and support. They are totally flexible on interior designs, accommodating clients’ special requirements. Boats built by Aliboats are currently working in Zambia, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique, Nigeria, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Tanzania, and the Maldives.

Advantages of using aluminium for building boats
Aliboat hulls are built out of marine grade aluminium alloy 1.6mm to 20mm thick (depending on the use of the hull) to give a lightweight, durable boat with a very high load capacity on relatively low horse power and fuel consumption. Aluminium is the chosen material because of the increased usable space in the boat relative to other materials. A well designed ‘Ali’ hull has almost double the useful space of a comparable size fibre glass boat. In addition aluminium will not corrode in salt water or be affected by extreme temperatures and harsh sunlight. It will not degrade like fibre glass or other materials used for boats. Aluminium tends to dent and deform on impact – retaining water tight integrity – as opposed to shattering and breaking as with other materials. Sharp objects like rocks will puncture aluminium but this is normally easy to repair in the field with silicone, pop rivets and a plate of galvanized iron or similar.

Aluminium boats do not try to compete with the looks of fibre glass hulls, but offer better all round value, with longer life, more usable space, better layout options, slower fuel consumption per load, higher re-sale value and better warranty. Boats built by Aliboats 25 years ago are still smart working boats today.

Customised aluminium orders
Aliboats will fabricate special orders to your specification – anything out of aluminium, including airboats, floating quads, rigid inflatable boats (RIBs), trailers, camping boats, small tugs, jet ski-propelled boats, wheel chair boats, cages, troats (cross between a trailer and a boat) and long range fuel tanks.

Canvas product range
Aliboats also stock a complete range of canvas products mainly for the outdoors. There is a broad range of products in various colours and styles. See product range details on the right.


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