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The company provides a complete solution to crop health through the provision of agrochemicals such as fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. It also supplies irrigation systems and has a comprehensive seedling supply service throughout the country. Amiran supply brands which are globally recognised, it also supplies the telecommunication and IT industry.



It is one of the leading agricultural companies in the country. It provides a complete solution on crop protection on all crop nutrition and disease problems in the Agricultural industry. Amiran is concerned with protecting crops from pests, weeds and diseases.

  • Fluence Agrichem
  • Haifa Chemicals
  • Makhteshim Chemicals
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Amiran agrochemicals supplies one of the most innovative ranges of crop protection products for various crops such as vegetables, maize, citrus, wheat, soybean, tobacco etc. Amiran agro-chemicals caters for all types of farming systems.

Amiran has highly experienced staff to advise the client on the best cost effective use of the agro-chemicals and the best way to handle the chemicals whilst ensuring the environment is not harmed.

Plant diseases have a significant economic impact on yield and quality, thus managing diseases is an essential component of production for most crops. To prevent plant disease, Amiran provides the following agro chemicals:


Amiran provides a wide range of fungicides that control fungal disease by specifically inhibiting or killing the fungus causing the disease. An example is Phosphite 600, Orius.


Amiran stocks a wide range of pesticides that can be used to control insects such as red spider mites, aphids, leaf miners and many more. These products include akari for spider mites and decis for cutworms.

Growth regulators

Amiran also provides a wide range of growth regulators that aid plant growth. These chemicals can be used from the transplanting stage to the ripening stages of the plant. Ethephon is one of the products supplied to aid in ripening.


Plant nutrition is vital. Amiran understands that a healthy plant makes a client satisfied. Thus, Amiran offers a wide range of fertilizers that ensure that all the plant nutrition needs are met. These fertilizers include: multi-k, polyfeed, fruttero and N-force.

Seed Dressers

Amiran provides a wide range of seed dressers to ensure that clients start crop protection at an early stage.

Branch contact details

  • Kitwe office: 2505 Corner Juba and Eshowe Road, Light Industrial Area, Kitwe, Zambia +260 212 223 106 Email-
  • Choma office: 38 Yesako Complex, off Livingstone Road, Choma, Zambia Tel: +260 213 220 947 Email:
  • Mkushi office: 75 Hilview Park, Independence Way, Mkushi, Zambia Tel: +260 215 392 191 Email:


Amiran suppliers

  • Avima
  • Bayer
  • Gap Chemicals
  • Haifa
  • Hamashbir Agriculture
  • Intro Lab Chemicals
  • Makhteshim Agan South Africa
  • Sinneri

Chemicals and fertilisers

  • Fungicides
  • Growth regulators
  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Specialty fertilisers

Seeds and seedlings

Amiran has been in the agriculture industry for over 48 years , establishing itself as an expert in the field. It provides a variety of seedlings and can also grow owner-supplied seeds. The company is the exclusive supplier of Hazera seeds. It is one of the leading suppliers of seedlings for all horticulture clients countrywide.

  • In the agriculture industry for over 48 years
  • Has a full complement of experienced staff that are on hand to guide clients
  • A top choice for horticulturalists throughout the country
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Seedlings are grown in the purpose-built nursery and greenhouse. The company produces tomato, pepper, eggplant and melon seedlings, as well as seedlings from seeds supplied by clients. A variety of fruit trees are available on special order 2 months in advance. Young banana trees (Williams variety) are always in stock. However clients are advised to order in advance to avoid disappointments.

Amiran Zambia Limited has a full complement of experienced staff that are on hand to guide clients on the best way to grow their crops and get the best and most cost effective results.

Seeds are planted for a specific order after a 50% payment in advance. Seedlings of vegetable crops are available 4 to 5 weeks after the placement of the order. A certain amount of seedlings are prepared on a speculative basis.

Amiran Limited offers a comprehensive training program for farm workers in order to support their clients. The training program includes courses such as land preparation, irrigation scheduling, fertilisation and pesticide spray programmes.

Because of the above facilities and quality services, Amiran Limited has become a top choice for horticulturalists throughout the country.


Variety of seedlings

  • Tomato, Nemonette and Nemonadin
  • Cabbage, Riana and Cp1
  • Onions
  • Peppers
  • Egg plants
  • Lettuce
  • Banana plants, from tissue culture
  • Fruit tree seedlings

Irrigation equipment

The company specialises in providing cost effective and efficient irrigation solutions for the agriculture industry. It carries out surveys, designs and installs a wide variety of irrigation equipment. Since 1963, Amiran has been providing the agriculture industry with cost effective and efficient irrigation solutions.

  • Has a full complement of trained irrigation specialists that guide clients
  • Operates under Balton CP Group which is a British company
  • Carries out surveys, designs and installs irrigation equipment
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Amiran sources most of its equipment from reputable companies all over the world and particularly from Israel. Some of Amiran’s suppliers include Zimmatic, Netafim and NaanDan Jain irrigation.

The company operates under Balton CP Group which is a British company that operates in several Sub Saharan African countries, delivering high quality projects and business solutions in the field of agriculture as well as various other sectors. Amiran carries out surveys, designs and installs irrigation equipment.

The company has a full complement of trained staff which includes irrigation specialists that guide clients on the best systems for water management and irrigation. The staff at Amiran are able to provide advice on the most suitable methods of cultivation and post-harvest solutions that result in sustainable and profitable farming.

Amiran Limited provides the following irrigation systems:

Centre pivot irrigation

Amiran has a stock of center pivot systems. Centre pivot irrigation is a form of sprinkler irrigation consisting of several segments of pipe (usually galvanized steel or aluminium) joined together and supported by trusses, mounted on wheeled towers with sprinklers positioned along its length. The system moves in a circular pattern and is fed with water from the pivot point at the centre of the arc.

These systems have proved themselves as highly appropriate and effective for varying types of terrain, cropping situations and irrigation requirements. Amiran’s centre pivot systems are well-constructed using quality materials, and every component is designed for peak reliability, performance and efficiency.

Overhead irrigation (sprinklers)

Overhead sprinklers are designed for a wide range of general field uses. Portable, semi-portable and solid set systems are used to meet the demanding needs of modern, economic irrigation systems.

Amiran provides a wide range of sophisticated overhead sprinklers from small nozzle size with low flow rates to large nozzle size with high flow rates. These sprinklers are field tested and made from highly corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring a long life and minimum maintenance.

Drip irrigation

Amiran also provides drip irrigation systems, recognised as one of the most efficient irrigation system, particularly with regard to water consumption. A well-designed drip irrigation system loses practically no water to runoff, deep percolation, or evaporation. Drip irrigation also reduces water contact with crop leaves, stems, and fruit, creating conditions that deter the onset of diseases.

Irrigation scheduling can be managed precisely to meet crop demands, holding the promise of increased yield and quality.

Micro jet irrigation

Amiran supplies a variety of micro-irrigation systems such as trickles, micro sprays and micro sprinklers. Micro-irrigation systems have a number of advantages over more conventional methods of irrigation. Less labour is required to operate micro-irrigation systems and as only small areas of the soil are irrigated, weed growth is minimised. The amount of water used can be closely managed to match the requirements of the crop.

Dam lining

Dam lining is one of the most cost effective and reliable choices for water storage. Amiran is a specialist in dam lining. All its liner projects are managed, supervised and installed by experienced technicians.

Small scale gardens

Amiran Limited also provides a wide range of irrigation solutions for small scale gardens. The company can provide irrigation systems for vegetable and fruit tree gardens that are cost effective and efficient.



Amiran irrigation systems

  • Centre pivot irrigation
  • Overhead irrigation (sprinklers)
  • Micro jet irrigation
  • Drip irrigation
  • Dam lining
  • Small scale garden irrigation

Amiran is supplied by

  • Zimmatic, South Africa and USA
  • Netafim, Israel
  • NaanDan Jain Irrigation, Israel

Telecommunications and IT

The company supplies the telecommunications industry with a range of products from top brands such as Motorola, Pelco, Karel Electronics, Wavion, Teldor, Radware and Scada. Amiran offers specialist equipment for network applications, security systems and all type of communications.

  • Distribution networks
  • Large range of specialist equipment
  • Globally recognised brands
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Amiran provides a service to the rapidly expanding telecommunications and IT sector. Their team offers guidance and advice to help customers make the right choices.

Amiran can work with clients who have older systems to migrate gradually to more modern and efficient systems allowing for modular growth. Amiran can create communication solutions to meet individual requirements.

Motorola equipment

Amiran offers commercial and private Motorola two way radio communication solutions. Motorola delivers increased capacity and spectrum efficiency, integrated data communications and enhanced voice communications. Units can be supplied with integrated GPS features. It is relatively easy to backhaul or extend your network with Motorola’s wireless bridging solutions – suitable for virtually all environments. Motorola’s high-performance point-to-point radio solutions operate in many frequencies, providing reliable connectivity even in the most challenging environments, congested and high-interference environments. These systems are excellent choices for building-to-building connectivity, high-speed Internet access, backhaul, Voice-over-IP, multimedia and video surveillance applications.

Motorola solutions include:

  • Digital communications
  • Mobile and portable GPS and indoor tracking
  • Various GPS applications
  • Wide area IP based coverage
  • P>T>P wireless solutions
  • Modular implementation
  • Gradual migration options

Pelco products

Amiran is able to design and install reliable Pelco security systems, from simple video surveillance systems for small shops to more complex surveillance systems for high profile buildings. Amiran is continuously upgrading its security technology with the latest in CCTV technology, video analytics, high definition cameras and IP (Internet Protocol) based CCTV equipment. Amiran offers the following Pelco products:

  • Video security systems (CCTV)
  • Security management
  • Access control systems
  • Explosion proof and professional camera enclosures
  • High security housings
  • Thermal imaging

Microwave networks solutions

Amiran provides reliable microwave network solutions. The company offers point-to-point radio solutions that operate in various frequency ranges, providing reliable connectivity when and where you need it. Amiran supplies the following microwave solutions:

  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Last mile solutions
  • Point to Point and Point to Multi-point Microwave systems
  • Full backhaul wireless
  • Turnkey solutions for public safety, utilities, mobile carriers and private networks

Karel electronics systems

Amiran is able to enhance clients communication networks with high quality and cost effective PABX/PSTN solutions that meet all communication requirements. Using the public switching concept manufactured by Karel, Amiran offers comprehensive solutions to a multitude of requirements in connection with supplying sparsely populated areas with a telecommunications infrastructure. Amiran supplies the following Karel electronics systems:

  • PABX solutions — analog, digital and hybrid
  • Public switching solutions
  • Centralised management systems

Radwin networks

In order to meet the increasing demand for wireless communication in Zambia, Amiran supplies Radwin solution. It uses antenna arrays and sophisticated signal processing to provide higher performance system capacity, range, indoor penetration, data rate, multipath mitigation and interference resilience and reduced latency. Amiran supplies the following Radwin networks:

  • Wireless solutions for communication service providers
  • LOS solutions

Teldor cables and systems

Amiran is able to fulfil all cable needs using the Teldor range of products. Teldor manufactures a wide range of wires and cables for telecommunications, electronics and electricity, and is a leader in the design and production of high data-rate copper and optical LAN cables, industrial BUS, instrumentation and control cables. Amiran supplies the following Teldor cables and systems:

  • Data communications cables
  • OPTILAN fibre optic cables
  • Industrial BUS cables
  • Control cables
  • A wide range of coaxial cables
  • Special applications solutions

Radware switches
Amiran supplies Radware multi WAN switches that maximise the effectiveness of a WAN, reduce service outages and effectively manage bandwidth consumption.

Scada systems

Amiran supplies Scada Systems. These offer solutions for various applications including utilities and safety.

  • Amiran Ltd supply
  • Distribution networks across Zambia
  • A large range of specialist equipment
  • Globally recognised brands


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