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Established in 2008, Asian Medicos Enterprise is a registered company that specialises in manufacturing, exporting and importing all types of quality medical supplies, medical equipment, surgical disposables, general consumables, diagnostic equipment, test kits and pharmaceuticals. They are available for small one off purchases as well as wholesale large quantities for hospitals and pharmacies. The company has a qualified team of staff, dedicated to providing quality delivery services you can count on. Show more

Asian Medicos Enterprise Management
  • Mr Shrikrishna Gupta- President and Chief Executive Officer (Founder)
  • Mr Sandeep kumar –  Gupta Regional Director for East African Market Sales
  • Mrs Sadhana Gupta – President Finance and Treasurer
  • Mr Jayram Rai – General Manager
  • Mr Dinesh Bapana – Accounts Manager Indian Market
  • Mr Vinod Gupta – Law and Regulation Consultant
  • Mr R.L – Gupta Product Development Supervisor
  • Mr Greyford Daka – Accounts Manager for East African Business
  • Mr Rakesh Gupta – Stores and Logistics
  • Elliot Chilembo –  Pharmaceutical Business
  • Christopher Nkuna – Marketing Assistance
  • Mrs Poonam Gupta – Regional Director for Administration, Technical for East African Business

Medical instruments in Lusaka, Zambia

Asian Medicos Enterprises is dedicated to providing a wide array of quality medical products to the healthcare industry. This company is determined to provide a customer oriented, reliable and expedited service, while offering you the widest selection of medical supplies and medical equipment products.
  • Order can be customised to meet the needs of clients
  • Products help you achieve a safer and more efficient working environment
  • Excellent after sales support
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Leading supplies informatics, diagnostics software for managing comprehensive dermatology clinics mostly in hair and skin segments. Asian Exporters is a premier suppliers of YAG laser system, skin diagnostic system, skin care system, dynamic exercise system, obesity and skin system, light therapy, low level laser System, IPL laser system, hair diagnostic system, GPL laser, fitness treatment, diode laser, CO2 laser along with wide range of hospital furniture, operation theatre equipment, X-Ray equipment, dental chair and cabinets used in medical fraternity. The company also supplies a wide range of hospital furniture, operation theatre equipment, X-Ray equipment, dental chair and cabinets used in medical fraternity.

Oncology System
Asian Medicos Enterprise leading suppliers of radiotherapy products for treating cancer as well as informatics software tool for managing comprehensive cancer clinics. The products includes medical electron linear accelerator, FCC-8000F cobalt 60 therapy unit, digital radiotherapy simulator model SL-1E, high dose rate Y-Rays, remote control after loading system.

Medical environment
Asian Medicos Enterprise are leading suppliers in medical disposable management with various medical incinerators, crushers, waste system based centralized treatment system, stirring type medical waste sterilizer, waste centralized and incinerator disposal system.

In partnership with several associates, Asian Medicos Enterprise specializes in supply of high end both automatic and semi-automatic PLC based autoclaves, plasma sterilizers, incinerators and several other sterilization equipment required in medical and pharmaceutical field. Asian Medicos Enterprise have their in-house facility of maintaining medical equipment with highly trained and qualified electro-medical and biomedical engineers.Asian Medicos Enterprise products

  • Hospital furniture
  • Doctor room furniture
  • Electro – medical equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Electrosurgery
  • Diagnostics
  • Emergency devices

Laboratory equipment in Lusaka, Zambia

Asian Medicos Enterprises offers a comprehensive range of laboratory equipment and hospital supplies. It distributes a broad portfolio of equipment and supplies for, gynecology, pediatrics, physicians and laboratory. Orders can be customised to meet the needs of clients.
  • Products designed, manufactured and marketed to ISO 9001:2008 standard
  • Team of professional staff to help clients decide the best equipment needed
  • Customers can be assured of quality, safety and reliability
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Operating room equipment
Asian Medicos Enterprise supply quality desktop pulse vacuum autoclave, pulse vacuum sterilizer diagnostic equipment and air purification disinfectors.

CSSD equipments
Suppliers in automatic washer disinfector and electric boilers.

Asian Medicos Enterprise has a well dedicated technical team offering quality service. This company has a good marketing force of marketing managers, handling pharmaceutical drugs, dental products, pathological test kits and reagents, and medical equipment.Asian Medicos Enterprise products

  • Sterilizers
  • Suction units
  • Surgical instruments
  • Laboratory equipments
  • Pharma finished products

Contact information

10 Malila Close Road off Lubambe Road, Lusaka, Zambia
P.O. Box
PO Box 32011, Lusaka
Enquire below
+260 211 233857, +260 211 222720
+260 978 170563, +260 973 251166

Opening times

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