Baobab College

Baobab College is an ‘international school for the whole community’. This centre of learning offers the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), with AS and A levels for form 6 pupils. Examinations are taken with either the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) or Pearson Edexcel. Baobab college also has a primary school and a pre-school and is COBIS affiliated. At this school, students are challenged to perform at the highest levels.  


Secondary school in Lusaka, Zambia

Baobab College offers a broad, diverse and balanced curriculum. It follows the National Curriculum for England and Wales and students sit for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) at the end of Year 11, Advanced Subsidiary (AS) at the end of year 12 and Advanced (A level) at the end of year 13.  
  • Awarded the prestigious Cambridge International Fellowship Centre status
  • Offers a broad and balanced curriculum, delivered by professional staff
  • External exams taken with the Cambridge International Examination or Edexcel
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In line with commitment to a holistic education approach, Baobab College offers a wide range of cultural, academic, social and sports clubs and societies. These enable students to further enhance their self-discipline, confidence, leadership, and physical and social skills, therefore providing foundations for their successful integration into society.

Baobab College is particularly proud of the fact that the school was the first school in Zambia to be awarded Cambridge International Fellowship Centre status in November 2005. This is a highly prestigious award that only a few schools worldwide have achieved.

Academic information
The school offers a broad and balanced curriculum, delivered by professional staff using up-to-date methods and strategies. Currently 20 different subjects are offered at secondary school level, spread over Key Stage 3 (years 7 to 9), Key Stage 4 (years 10 to 11) and the Sixth Form (years 12 to 13).

KS3 (years 7 to 9)
At Baobab College, Key Stage 3 is a crucial stage of a student’s’ academic career. It is at this stage that the building blocks for IGCSE success are created. It offers a very diverse programme at Baobab College in Key Stage 3. The majority of lessons are taught with students in Form groups, however in some subjects, students are streamed according to ability. The subjects currently offered in Key stage 3 (KS3) are as follows:

  • Mathematics
  • English, English literature
  • Science
  • French
  • History
  • Geography
  • Music
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Personal , Social and Health Education (PSHE)
  • Design and Technology
  • Food Technology
  • Religious Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Information Technology (ICDL)

During the course of Year 9 students receive support and guidance in choosing their IGCSE option subjects for year 10. This process usually begins more in March of Y9.

IGCSE (Years 10 and 11)
IGCSE (International General Certificate in Secondary Education), presents many students with their first taste of externally assessed international qualifications. In some subject areas, students will follow the Edexcel International Examinations course instead of Cambridge International Examinations.

As with Key Stage 3, the school offers a broad and balanced curriculum and it encourages the students to make the most of this by having the following expectations;

  • All students must take Mathematics, English Language, French (if they took it in KS3) and Literature in English.
  • Thereafter, students will choose 5 subjects. All students must take at least one Science, Creative and Humanities subject

Option Blocks currently offered are as follows;

Year 10

  • Group 5 – History, Biology and Travel & Tourism
  • Group 6 – Art, Physical Education and Physics
  • Group 7 – Information Technology, Food Technology and Music
  • Group 8 – Drama, Business Studies A and Geography
  • Group 9 – Chemistry, Design Technology and Business Studies B

Where there is Business Studies A and B students only need to choose one of these. Students can only choose one subject from each group.

Year 11

  • Group 1 – English Language
  • Group 2 – Mathematics
  • Group 3 – French and Travel & Tourism
  • Group 4 – Literature in English
  • Group 5 – Chemistry, Physical Education and Information Technology A
  • Group 6 – Art, History and Physics
  • Group 7 – Business Studies, Biology A and Design & Technology
  • Group 8 – Biology B and Geography
  • Group 9 – Accounting, Drama and Information Technology B

Where there is Biology and Information Technology A and B students only need to choose one of these. Students can only choose one subject from each group. Most of the students will take eight subjects with the more able taking nine.

For more details contact the school and ask for a copy of their IGCSE options booklet.

Senior College – (Years 12 and 13) – leadership and excellence
The Senior College continues to flourish with high numbers of students, whether from Baobab College or elsewhere in Zambia. Baobab College offers a good range of ‘A’ Levels and other qualifications to students ensuring that personal needs of each individual are met. A’ levels continue to be regarded as the “gold standard” by the best universities around the world in terms of secondary school qualifications, and they form the backbone of the curriculum in the Senior College. The school also has built into the curriculum the chance for students to study English or Maths IGCSE should they require higher grades in these important subjects.

Baobab College believes that the experience of being in a Senior College student should be about more than just achieving academic excellence. The school encourages its Senior College students to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award where they are challenged to develop their teamwork and interpersonal skills and to contribute significantly to their community.

In addition, Baobab College has developed a wide range of leadership opportunities within school for Senior College students so that they can develop the kinds of skills and aptitudes that will help them to succeed, not just in school, but far beyond. Its senior prefect body comes from students in years 12 and 13. Other leadership opportunities include the students offering their services as subject specialists for peer support to students in years 7 to 11.

Head of Senior College and Careers Counselor each ensure that students are carefully guided and supported in the choices that they make for further study at University and the processes involved in their applications.

Senior College Education an excellent stepping-stone to further study, training or the world of work.
As with other stages of the secondary school, Baobab College offers a broad range of subjects at AS and A Level.

Students are expected to take a minimum of 3 subjects (maximum of 5) in fact most will take four to AS Level with 3 of these continuing to full A-Level. In order to be accepted onto an AS/A level course, Baobab College prefer that students have gained a B grade or higher.

In certain subjects students must also have followed the Extended syllabus at IGCSE.

The subjects currently on offer are as follows (please note all subjects follow the Cambridge International Examinations syllabus except where indicated Edexcel):

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Maths
  • Biology
  • Applied ICT
  • Business Studies
  • Accounts
  • Travel and Tourism
  • English Language
  • English literature
  • French
  • History
  • Geography
  • Psychology
  • Physical Education (P.E.)
  • Food Technology
  • Art and Design
  • Drama

Please note: AS corresponds to the first year of the course and A2 the second.
Senior College students also have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through the Prefect System. They are also required to be involved in community service programmes.

Opening and closing time
Junior / Senior Secondary: 07:20hrs-14:00hrs Monday to Friday.

Primary school in Lusaka, Zambia

Baobab College offers a broad and balanced educational experience based on the British National Curriculum, which concentrates on the development of the individual and their learning. The school aims to nurture the development of the whole child by enabling pupils to develop their talents whether they are academic, sporting or artistic.
  • Helps its primary school children to mature as individuals
  • In reception children begin their outdoor education programme
  • Follows the UK’s Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA)
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Choosing the right school for your child is a big decision and one that Baobab College fully appreciates, that is why the school works hard to ensure you have made the right one.

Reception (4-5 years)
Children enter reception at 4+. For some this is a natural continuation from our ELC, for others they join Baobab College for the first time; this time of transition is recognised as an important one in a child’s life and staff work closely with parents to establish a strong home/school partnership for the benefit of the individual child.

The curriculum for Reception follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, adding opportunity and experience to this as appropriate to individual children. Emphasis is placed on securing firm foundations in literacy and numeracy. Computing, Music, PE and Nyanja are taught by specialist teaching staff.

Baobab Primary School mixes the formal setting of the classroom with the wealth of opportunity provided by its physical surroundings. Children are given the freedom in which to grow, learn and play. Classrooms are bright and well decorated with children’s work reflecting the diversity of the curriculum. In Reception children begin their outdoor education programme where they experience camping and independence away from home. Each year group extends the time spent away from home.

Key Stage One
Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 follow the British National Curriculum with core subjects Literacy, Numeracy and Science. History, Geography, Religious Education, P.S.H.E., Art and Design and Technology are also taught at this level. Children have specialist teachers for Physical Education, Swimming, Music, Information Technology and French.

In Reception children begin their outdoor education programme where they experience camping and independence away from home. Each year the time spent away from home is extended.

Key Stage One – Year 1 and Year 2 (5-7 years)
A more formal approach to learning is adopted as the children progress into Year 1. The curriculum is broad and balanced and individual progress within this is continually monitored. The teaching staff, including the classroom assistants, work closely together drawing upon each other’s strengths and expertise to the benefit of the children.

Children in Year  and Year 2 follow the British National Curriculum with the core subjects being Literacy, Numeracy and Science. History, Geography, Religious Education, Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), Art and Design and Technology are also taught at this level.

Children have specialist teachers for Physical Education, Swimming, Music, Information Technology and our local language, Nyanja.

Baobab College have an active drama programme and one major production is produced each year. The children have weekly assemblies and classes take it in turns to perform a class play. Maximum participation is always encouraged.

The 5 to 7 year old stage at any school is crucial for any child’s development and at Baobab College pride themselves on a highly experienced and dedicated staff that always puts the child first and foremost and treats each child in a very individual way.

Key Stage One has a unique family atmosphere, which is felt by everyone who joins.

Key Stage Two – Year 3 to Year 6 (7-11 years)
As children move into Year 3 they move into Lower Key Stage Two. The curriculum is designed to enable children to become successful, independent learners and confident individuals. The final two years of a child’s time at Baobab College are seen as a period of preparation for the transition to senior school. The Year 6 children are ready to leave the primary school confident in the knowledge that they have been well prepared for the challenges that lay ahead.

Children from the age of 7 to 11 years are fully catered for at Baobab College. The programme offered is busy, enjoyable and rewarding. The College currently has 2 class intakes for each Year group from Year 3 to Year 6. They follow the British National Curriculum objectives for all subjects. Literacy, Numeracy and Science are core subjects whilst History, Geography, Art, Design and Technology, Religious Education and P.S.H.E. are covered at Foundation Level. Specialist teachers take Physical Education, Swimming, Information Technology, Music, Library Studies and French with Nyanja being taught until Year Four.

Assessments are taken yearly as are termly reading tests. Children are placed within classes according to age and all lessons are differentiated according to ability. Children with specific learning difficulties can be tested and are catered for by the school’s Learning Support Department.

Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress during termly consultations and end of term reports. Other appointments can be made as necessary. Homework assignments are set daily including Reading, Literacy and Numeracy tasks. Prep sessions are available during the week as are a variety of sports and afternoon activities.
All children are encouraged to take part in their bi-annual production and every class also experiences an educational camping trip each year to encourage appreciation of Zambia’s environment and for class team building.

Extra-curricular activities
Outdoor education and activities are an essential part of Baobab College programme. The sporting and cultural programme is well catered for in all areas of the programme this school strongly encourage the attributes of self-control, discipline and persistence. As the formal structure of the classroom strives to guide students “up the steep hill of knowledge”, so the extra-curricular activities bring together pupils with common objectives and fulfils the need to express unique personalities. Emphasis is always placed on integrity, good conduct and sportsmanship.

Baobab College provides excellent facilities for sporting activities, including an eight lane 25m swimming pool and an extensive playing field that caters for all sporting activities. Physical activity is a challenge to young minds and bodies. Healthy competition provides opportunities to learn new skills, nurture interests and gain confidence.

Participation in extra-curricular activities is expected of all students and in particular each Key Stage 1 child attends a minimum of 1 activity per week and Key Stage 2 children a minimum of 2 activities per week, one of which is a physical activity. House activities from Year 1-6 are compulsory and all children participate once a week in the House programme.

Children are grouped into 3 Houses, Eagle, Hawk and Falcon for sports and other competitions.

Opening and closing time

  • Reception:07:00hrs-13:00hrs
  • Primary Juniors 07:00hrs-13:00hrs
  • Monday to Friday

Pre-school in Lusaka, Zambia

The children at Baobab Early Years department benefit from a rich and varied curriculum which takes the U.K. government’s Early Years Foundation Stage framework as it's starting point and adds their own unique blend of excellence. Each child is given special attention to help ensure they reach their full potential.
  • Caters for the needs of each individual child
  • Schooling is based on traditional values
  • Fine indoor and outdoor recreational facilities
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The first steps that a child takes into the world of learning are crucial. Baobab College places great importance on these earliest stages of learning, providing quality of care and a wealth of experiences for its youngest pupils within a learning environment that offers the individual child a very positive beginning.

The Baobab Early Years department has a dedicated area, allowing children the opportunity to learn inside and outside the classroom through adult led activities including structured and free play. The natural environment of Baobab College provides endless opportunities to explore and experience the natural world.

Children are welcomed into play school from the term in which they turn 2 years of age. When they turn 3 they move into their preschool year.

In the pre-school year of Early Learning Center, specialised teaching of Music, Swimming and I.T. are included within the teaching week. A variety of well planned and spontaneous play opportunities encourage children to think, explore, test and reach conclusions on a daily basis.

All staff respond to each child’s individual emerging needs and interests, to support their growth and development through warm, positive interaction. Baobab College aims to ensure that children enjoy their pre-school experience in the care of skillful and caring staff and make a confident and smooth transition to full time education in Reception classes. The school shares and communicates the child’s learning experiences and developmental milestones when working in partnership with parents.

Opening and closing time
Nursery/Pre-School: 07:00hrs-13:00hrs
Monday to Friday

Contact information

Kafue road, Lilayi, Lusaka, Zambia
P.O. Box
PO Box 50099, Chilanga
Enquire below
+260 211 840438
+260 987 727627, +260 966 876804

Opening times

07:00 – 16:00
07:00 – 16:00
07:00 – 16:00
07:00 – 16:00
07:00 – 16:00