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Basic information

Corporate Heelz

Lusaka, Zambia

Founded by Janice Matwi, a communications and marketing expert with 10 years of experience, this is a group of young career-focused and business-minded woman. They pride themselves on being a networking platform where women’s achievements are celebrated. Corporate Heelz is a growing community of young Zambian professional and entrepreneurial women seeking and sharing advice, inspiration and the tools needed to succeed.

Work at Corporate Heelz?
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National association

The goal at Corporate Heelz is to connect and empower like-minded women. To help further its aspirations, the company publishes its own professionally produced online magazine and is open to women professionals and entrepreneurs. This is a growing community of young Zambian professional women.

This group was created to connect, enlighten, inspire and empower women who are climbing the corporate/entrepreneurial ladder.

Corporate Heelz runs several kinds of events:

  • Corporate Heelz MeetUps: meetings held to inspire, enlighten and connect women.
  • Corporate Heelz NetWorkOut: networking whilst working out
  • Corporate Heelz High Tea Series: High Tea event held annually

Corporate Heelz prides itself on being a networking platform where women’s achievements are celebrated; a place where like-minded women ascend together, strengthening each other to achieve career and business dreams.

To join this group or just to find out more, enquire below or alternatively use the contact details on the right.

Corporate Heelz began as a blackberry messaging group of friends! After growing into an informal network of like-minded women, Corporate Heelz set up a Facebook page in order to share communications on career and entrepreneurial trends worldwide. The Corporate Heelz Facebook page received overwhelming support from women across Zambia. The next step was the Corporate Heelz online magazine which celebrates and showcases various Zambian women and their entrepreneurial/workplace achievements. Corporate Heelz now also runs regular events of different types, all designed to connect and empower those who attend.

Sign up to Corporate Heelz’ monthly online magazine, for inspiration right to your mailbox! “Join the community of Zambians creating inspiring, enlightening powerful connections.”

National association

Corporate Heelz National association