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The company is a market leader in power generation. They are agents for SDMO and HIMOINSA generators. They have their own in-house manufacturing team who produce a large range of power generation products install, service and repair generators. They offer a full range of vehicle parts and services and stock a wide range of home appliances.


Car parts

Diesel Electric company prides themselves on providing superior products and services. With approximately 60 employees in Zambia, their products and services include: Spark plugs, ignition parts, vehicle electronics, switches, relays, hooters, sensors, auto cables, fuses and many more.

  • A long history in Zambia, established in 1964
  • Pride themselves on providing superior products and services
  • Workshops are Bosch certified and meet their international standards
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With a long history in Zambia (established in 1964), Diesel-Electric pride themselves on providing superior products and services. With approximately 60 employees in Zambia, their products and services include:

Bosch Automotive, electrical

  • Spark plugs
  • Ignition parts
  • Vehicle electronics
  • Switches
  • Relays
  • Hooters
  • Sensors
  • Auto cables
  • Terminals and connectors
  • Fuses
  • Petrol fuel injection filters and fuel pumps
  • Starters and alternators
  • Regulators, rectifiers, armatures, coils, bendixes and brush sets

Bosch Automotive, wipers
Diesel-Electric stock the cost effective ECO range, through to 40” wipers for trucks and buses. Whatever you drive, Diesel-Electric will have a wiper to suit, with BOSCH’s unique universal adaptor that ensures perfect fit and alignment to your windscreen.

Bosch Automotive, brake pads
The competitively priced Bosch brake pads are designed for long life, quiet operation and protection of your vehicle’s brake discs. All Japanese and German car manufacturers are catered for in the Bosch range.

Bosch Automotive, batteries
These batteries offer superior performance from the smallest car through to trucks and the largest earth-moving mine equipment.

Amptron battery chargers
Diesel-electric are sole agents for Amptron, a leading manufacturer of rugged battery chargers with starter and alternator test benches. These products are designed to withstand harsh African conditions and are ideally suited to commercial and industrial workshops.

VARTA batteries
As an authorised distributor for VARTA in Zambia, Diesel-Electric offer a range of premier quality, maintenance free batteries from Germany. These cover from 56 – 220 Amp Hours. They are suitable for rugged operating conditions for automotive, solar, generators, mining and construction vehicles and machinery.

GUD Filters
Diesel-Electric is an authorised GUD distributor with over 250 different filter types in stock.

The DENSO range

As the official agent for DENSO in Zambia, Diesel-Electric offers a wide range of their products, primarily in the diesel fuel injection field. The DENSO brand is a standard fitment on Toyota, Mitsubishi and many other Japanese vehicles.

Delco Remy, starters and alternators
Diesel-Electric specialise in Delco Remy and offer parts and repairs for all Delco Remy starters and alternators.

Vehicle repair and service workshop
Diesel-Electric workshops are Bosch certified and meet their international standards. Diesel-Electric are currently therefore the only workshop in Zambia with a ‘Bosch Car Service’ status. Their workshops are equipped with a range of sophisticated test and diagnostic equipment including:

  • The Bosch KTS Diagnostic Tester
  • The Bosch MOT250 diagnostic tester
  • The Bosch EPS740 vehicle diagnostic tester
  • The DENSO DST2 diagnostic tester
  • The only 5-Gas analyzer in Zambia.
  • 4-post vehicle lifts
  • Computerised air conditioner recharging equipment
  • Battery testers
  • Headlight aiming equipment
  • And more

With such a range of equipment together with fully trained diesel and petrol mechanics, and auto electricians, most types of vehicle repairs and fleet maintenance can be undertaken.

Diesel fuel injection service
With the most modern equipment, including the Bosch EPS815 electronic diesel test bench, Diesel-Electric can carry out a range of services. They are the only known Denso accredited workshop in Zambia, with the equipment and expertise to diagnose and repair Denso electronic fuel pumps, such as those fitted to Hilux KZ-TE’s, Surfs and Land Cruisers. They can also diagnose, test and re-code the common rail Denso injectors as used on all Toyota Hilux D4-D’s and other vehicles, and overhaul the electronic injection pumps used on the Nissan 3.0 TD16V, BMW 320D, Isuzu KB300D and 250D. Diesel-Electric have  a specialised cam box to test and repair all electronic unit injectors such as those fitted to Volvo, Bell Equipment, Mercedes Benz, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Bomag, other makes of trucks, and earth-moving and mining equipment. Their customers for this service include most OEM dealers such as Bell Equipment, Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, Mercedes Benz and Mitsubishi.

Starter and alternator workshop
Diesel-Electric have two Bosch starter and alternator test benches, including a latest generation amptron test bench at the Kitwe facility. With highly trained auto electricians, Diesel-Electric can repair and test most makes of starters and alternators including:

  • Bosch
  • Denso
  • Delco Remy
  • Hitachi
  • CE Niehoff
  • Lucas
  • Paris Rhone
  • Valeo
  • Others


Tools and home improvement

Diesel-Electric are proud to represent Bosch tools as an official distributor of their tools in Zambia. Bosch is the worldwide leading supplier of power tools for trade and industry. Bosch was the first to introduce lithium-ion technology in professional cordless tools and has developed it further ever since. 

  • Represent Bosch tools as an official distributor of their tools in Zambia
  • Comprehensive range of affordable yet premium quality Gedore hand tools
  • Fully equipped workshops, with trained personnel and specialist tools
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Diesel-Electric are proud to represent Bosch tools as an official distributor of their tools in Zambia. Bosch is the worldwide leading supplier of power tools for trade and industry. Their constant research and development ensure the latest technologies are incorporated into their products. For example, their range of demolition hammers now offer 40% less vibration and their angle grinders have new safety features like the automatic disc stop. Diesel-Electric also offer selected products from the Skil Masters range and Dremel hobbyist range.

Cordless tools
Bosch was the first to introduce lithium-ion technology in professional cordless tools and has developed it further ever since. Independent tests show Bosch lithium-ion batteries last up to 400% longer than competitor products. Items stocked include the 14.4V drill driver, 36V drill driver and 36V rotary hammer.

Angle grinders
The Diesel-Electric range starts from the 115mm mini grinders, through to 180mm grinders and a range of 230mm grinders from 2000W to 2600W.

Bench grinders and straight grinders
Choose between the Bosch heavy duty or the Skil Masters medium duty bench grinder.
Bosch straight grinders are designed for accessing hard to reach areas.

This range starts from the small but powerful GBM6 reversible drill, through to 2-speed drills and impact Drills up to 1,200W and 16mm chuck capacity. Most have electronic controls for soft starting and constant speed irrespective of load applied.

Magnetic drill stands and drill combinations
The Bosch magnetic drill stand, coupled with the 1,500W, 4-Speed morse taper drill is ideally suited to construction and mining applications, and can drill up to Ø32mm holes in steel.

Rotary hammers
For drilling, chiseling and demolition work in brick, plaster and concrete, Diesel-Electric offer a range to suit your specific requirements. Rotary hammers start at 2kg models, through to 3kg and 4kg models with SDS type chucks. For extra heavy duty work they offer the 7kg and 11kg rotary hammers with SDS max type chucks, allowing drilling of up to Ø150mm holes in concrete with core cutter type bits.

Impact wrenches
For removal of stubborn wheel nuts and other large fasteners, a Bosch impact wrench, coupled with a set of impact sockets is on offer from Diesel-Electric.

The variable speed Bosch polishers will give a professional finish to any auto repairs job.

A must-have in any workshop for carpentry or metal work.

Hot air guns
For paint removal and shrinking of plastics the Bosch heat gun can be programmed for precise heat and air flow and has an LCD display for ease of operation.

Cut-off saw
The Bosch cut-off saw is perfect for cutting lengths of angle iron, steel pipe, hollow and solid sections.

Jig saws
For wood, aluminium and plastic cutting, Bosch jigsaws give precise control of cutting and are exceptionally durable.

Circular saws
With a 1,600W motor, die-cast aluminium base and blower to keep your cutting line visible, the Bosch circular saw is unbeatable.

Powerful 710W motor and 3 V-grooves for easy chamfering and 82mm planning width.

Belt and orbital sanders
Choose between the Bosch 75mm wide belt sander or the Skil Masters 100mm wide model. Diesel-electric offer two models of orbital sanders, one with a 92mm wide base and the other with a 114mm wide base.

Bosch routers come with all the features you need for precise routing with 900W, constant electronic, fine depth adjustment, speed pre-selection, soft start and parallel guide.

The Dremel engraver is a multifunctional tool, useful for industrial engraving or hobby use.

For all of the above tools, Diesel-Electric stock a comprehensive range of drill bits, sanding sheets and belts, jig saw blades, planer blades, cutting and grinding discs, stone grinders, chucks, collets, chisels, screwdriver bits and everything you will need to use your power tools effectively.

Stihl products
As the authorised distributor and maintenance centre for Stihl in Zambia, Diesel-Electric offer a range of chain saws, brush cutters, mist blowers and concrete cutters with full spares and service backup guaranteed.

Wap and Nilfisk cleaners
These pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners and floor polishers set the standard internationally for quality and dependability. Find a product to suit your need at Diesel-Electric, whether it’s to clean a truck or clean a house.

Gedore tools
As official agents for Gedore, Diesel-Electric offer a comprehensive range of affordable yet premium quality hand tools. The Gedore range is suitable for the home garage through to mining workshops.

Power tools workshop
Diesel-Electric has fully equipped workshops, with trained personnel and specialist tools, to test, service and repair the full range of Bosch, Stihl, Wap, Nilfisk and Gedore power tools. Spare parts for all models are kept in stock for fast turnaround times.


Electricals and lighting

As an authorised agent for Bosch household appliances Diesel-Electric is proud to represent Bosch in Zambia. For discerning customers, it offers a range of fridges and freezers, multifunction ovens, hobs, ovens, gas cookers, extractors, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and small appliances.

  • Bosch household appliances
  • Install, service and repair of Bosch appliances
  • Guaranteed supply of spares for a minimum of 10 years
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You are invited to visit their Lusaka showroom to see products on display that can transform your kitchen. Bosch appliances make household life easier, and bring quality, innovation and style into the home.

Bosch household appliances

When you buy a Bosch home appliance from Diesel-Electric, you have a, plus factory trained technicians to solve any problems you might encounter.

Fridges and freezers

Diesel-Electric stocks a variety of fridges, freezers and fridge-freezer combinations in a range of finishes and colours. These include the no-frost double door KAN60A40 fridge-freezer, in an Inox finish, with built in ice cube, crushed ice and cold water dispenser with built-in water filter, plus a mini bar compartment; the no-frost double door KAN56V40 with extra freezer space, also in an Inox finish; a variety of top and bottom fridge-freezer combination models in Inox, stainless steel and white. Another popular option is separate matching fridge and freezer combinations – three different options are available, in white and Inox.


Top of the range is the HBL3552, a 90cm wide multifunction oven with defrosting, a range of heating options and hot air grilling. For those wanting a 60cm wide oven, Diesel-Electric stocks both multifunction and conventional ovens in a stainless steel and black glass finish.
If you prefer under-counter ovens (with controls for the hob on the oven instead of on the hob), 60cm wide models in stainless steel and black glass finish are available ex-stock. These ovens are all colour- and style- coordinated with the solid plate hobs.

Warmer Drawers

The warmer drawers stocked by Diesel-Electric have a stainless steel finish and fit both 90cm and 60cm wide ovens.


The latest trend is ceramic black glass top hobs, extremely tough and easy to clean. They come as a 90cm wide model, with touch controls, as well as two models in the 60cm class, one with touch controls and one with conventional knob controls. For those who prefer hobs with solid plates, Diesel-Electric also have models in stainless steel and black.


Top of the range is the Island Extractor, for use when your hob is in the middle of the kitchen, otherwise opt for the 90cm wide wall-mounted extractor (to match the 90cm hob). The wall-mounted extractor is also available in a 60cm wide version. The simplest extractor is the top mounted 60cm wide model which is mounted to an overhanging wall cabinet unit. All extractors are in a stainless steel finish, and utilize washable filters – you don’t need an outlet from your kitchen as they re-circulate the filtered air.

Washing machines

Bosch washing machines come in a choice of 6kg and 7kg versions, in white or silver. They feature low power consumption and special programs such as Freshen Up, Delicate and Hand Wash, Mixed Load and Intensive wash.

Tumble dryers

Available in 5kg and 7kg versions, in white and silver, for gentle drying with anti-wrinkle cycles.


A choice of white or silver models is offered. Both models are 12 place settings, and have LED status of cleaning cycle.

Gas cookers

A 4-burner, with cast iron supports is in stock for those who prefer to cook with gas.

Special products

Diesel-Electric also stocks out-of-the-ordinary appliances in the Bosch range such as Lava Rock Cookers, Deep Fat Fryers and combination Gas-Electricity hobs.

Small appliances

The Bosch Kitchen Machine is indispensable in the kitchen for cutting, chopping and mixing. Try the coffee machine, toaster (with browning rack for buns), kettle and pressing iron, all at ultra-competitive prices.


Product range in stock

  • Fridges
  • Freezers
  • Multifunction ovens
  • Stoves/hobs
  • Extractors
  • Washing machines
  • Tumble dryers
  • Dishwashers Kettles
  • Irons
  • Hoovers
  • Toasters
  • Other small appliances

Power generation

This is a leading company in Zambia for installing, servicing and repairing generators. Their expertise includes repair capabilities on all makes of generators, and their buying houses in South Africa and Germany ensure quick procurement of spare parts to minimize downtime.

  • Technicians are factory trained and receive regular refresher training
  • Install, service and repair generators
  • Design and manufacture power products
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Diesel-Electric is a leading company in Zambia for installing, servicing and repairing generators. Their expertise includes repair capabilities on all makes of generators, and their buying houses in South Africa and Germany ensure quick procurement of spare parts to minimize downtime. Diesel-Electric technicians are factory trained and receive regular refresher training to stay ahead of changing technology in this field. Clients include many of the leading banks in Zambia, government institutions, embassies, military and private customers.

As the sole agent for the SDMO range of generators (Europe’s largest manufacturer), Diesel-Electric support every facet of the economy from domestic households, through to lodges, banks, electricity providers, customs border posts, military and mining. Diesel-Electric also represent HIMOINSAgenerators which are manufactured in Spain. They are utilised primarily in the telecommunications field by most of the major mobile phone service providers in Zambia.

Model ranges
The model ranges most commonly offered in Zambia are based on three different manufacturers of engines. Mitsubishi engines are used on generator models T12, T16 and T22kVA as well as on the large generators from 1,400 to 2,200kVA. John Deere engines are used on generator models J33, J44, J66, J88, J110, J130, J165, J200, J220, J275, J300 and J400kVA. Volvo engines are used on generator models V220 up V700kVA. For special applications, Diesel-Electric can offer the MTU engine range on generator models  X710 to X3,100kVA.

The larger models are generally supplied with Leroy Somer alternators while the smaller models use Mecc Alte alternators, both of them fully manufactured in Europe.

Sound proof canopies
SDMO is known for manufacturing excellent canopies with unique anti-rust treatment on all metalwork before powder coating takes place. Sound absorption is excellent, and the latches used are top quality, with lockable handles. Larger generators are mounted in ISO containers, specially modified for maximum sound absorption.

Control panels
Models up to 110kVA are usually fitted with the Nexus control panel, giving digital readouts of important generator parameters on an LCD screen. Larger models use the Telys control panel, allowing the user more inputs on generator parameters, setups, software download and diagnostics

Automatic transfer switches
For backup applications, SDMO generators are supplied with an ATS, nowadays mostly of the motorized switch type, while certain models retain the contactor type of change-over. Generator parameters such as amps, volts and frequency per phase can be read on the digital display, with push button selection of manual versus automatic operation.

Portable products
Diesel-Electric has in stock a range of portable generators, ranging from the NEO1000 (900W hand portable, petrol, ideal for camping, powering a music system, public address or power tool), the HX3000 (3.75kVA, petrol), the HX6000 (6.6kVA, petrol) and the DX6000 (6.5kVA, diesel). Diesel-Electric also stocks portable welders, in both petrol (VX200, powered by Honda) and diesel (VX180, powered by Yanmar) versions, both suitable for up to 4mm welding rod diameters. Water pumps complete the portable range, in 2” and 3” pipe configurations.

Telecommunications generators
Diesel-Electric has been appointed by Himoinsa, one of the largest generator manufacturers in Europe, as their official agent for Zambia. Of special interest in their vast range is their telecommunications generators, ideally suited to the requirements of Zambian telecommunications operators. These generators, available in 12,5kVA, 17kVA and 30kVA versions, have the following features:

  • Extended capacity fuel tanks, from 700 litre to 1,000 litre
  • Built-in ATS’s
  • Built in Dummy Loads
  • Connections for fault alarms
  • Built-in GSM modems, for remote starting and reporting of faults and status
  • Padlockable hatches and fuel fillers

This product has already been selected by two of the major operators in Zambia, giving evidence of its suitability to the Zambian environment.

Power products
Diesel-Electric is unique in having their own in-house design and manufacturing company to produce a huge array of power products including:

  • UPS’s
  • Inverters
  • Solar equipment
  • Wind turbines

They even offer a turnkey project capability for any new or existing installation, be it a bank, a telecoms application or a new corporate HQ. In addition, they are the patent holders for HYGEN, a revolutionary concept of variable speed generator.

Servicing, installation and repair
Diesel-Electric is a leader in Zambia in the field of generator installation, repairs and servicing. This applies not only to their own ranges, but to third party manufacturers as well. They have a number of customers throughout the country for which they perform both scheduled maintenance and call-outs. Their capabilities extend to refueling and major overhauls on engines and alternators.


Diesel-Electric is an official distributor of

  • SDMO generators
  • HIMOINSA generators
  • Mitsubishi, John Deere and Volvo engines
  • Alternators
  • Sound proof canopies
  • Control panels
  • Automatic transfer switches
  • Portable products
  • Telecommunications generators
  • Amptron battery chargers
  • VARTA batteries

Diesel-Electric information

  • Install, service and repair generators
  • Design and manufacture power products

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