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Heritage Stone

Kitwe, Zambia

A branch of Oasis Pools, this company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of simulated stone products with natural texture and colour. Their range of stone may be used for indoor and outdoor applications and includes various pavers, flagstones, stone cobbles and wall cladding. Heritage Stone hand crafts its products in fully pigmented high strength concrete available in various sizes and shapes for use in swimming pool copings, surrounds, garden and patio areas.

Work at Heritage Stone?
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Custom paving stones

Heritage Stones specialises in the manufacture and supply of quality simulated stone products that are available in a choice of “earth tone” colours. All products are hand crafted to order. The company caters for residential and commercial clients throughout Zambia.

Heritage Stones uses unique manufacturing processes that give its products the most authentic stone look on the market. Since all products are manufactured to order, this company works closely with its clients to produce a product that will meet their exact specifications in the shortest possible time.

Heritage Stones provides quality installation services to its clients. The company has a team of highly skilled craftsmen that deliver the highest standard of workmanship.This company takes pride in offering an excellent and personalised customer service.

Custom paving stones

Heritage Stone Custom paving stones