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Interstate Generator Power Solutions is a major distributor of a full range of FG Wilson generator sets and accessories in Zambia. All products offered are designed and built to meet international quality standards and specifications. Interstate Generator Power Solutions puts delivery of a fast and efficient service as one of its top priorities. The company has a team of expert engineers and technicians who take pride in making sure that their customers receive the service and back-up support that they expect.


Power generation in Lusaka, Zambia

Interstate Generator Power Solutions offers quality FG Wilson diesel and gas generator sets for domestic and industrial use. The FG Wilson range of generator sets are designed to provide a superior power solution through their performance, flexible range of features and ease of serviceability.
  • Company distributes a full range of FG Wilson generator sets and accessories
  • Standard and customised power solutions
  • Products undergo extensive prototype testing
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Interstate Generator Power Solutions offers exceptional standard and customised power solutions.

Standard power
Diesel generator sets
Available from 6.8-2,500 kVA, this range includes open and enclosed generator sets which offer maximum efficiency and productivity. Key options further improve the standard product offering, providing versatility and flexibility throughout the range.

Gas generator sets
From 240-1,250 KVA, this range includes the Scania and Perkins powered units. Gas generator sets produce lower emissions and less noise.

Diesel generator set data sheets
Interstate Generator Power Solutions offers a wide variety of specification sheets, data sheets, operator’s manuals and other technical documentation on its generators, transfer switches, paralleling and networking equipment, and accessories.

This ensures you have the Interstate Generator Power Solutions parts and documentation you need for the generator best suited for your application.

Customised power
High voltage generators
Interstate Generator Power Solutions provides a wide array of FG Wilson high voltage generator sets producing up to 13,800 volts of electricity that can be readily integrated with any onsite distribution system.

FG Wilson high voltage generators offer several advantages over low voltage systems including:

  • Lower installation and maintenance costs
  • Significantly reduced transmission losses
  • More efficient on-site distribution

Generator set enclosures and containers
Interstate Generator Power Solutions distributes a full range of durable FG Wilson enclosures and containers that are robust, secure and adaptable for a broad spectrum of generator sets. FG Wilson enclosures and containers help customers maximise on space efficiency and minimise the time and resource needed for on-site installations where rough handling and rugged environments are endured as part of a day’s work.

For customers who need custom-made containerised units, Interstate Generator Power Solutions will closely work with them to provide a product that will meet their exact specifications.

Special control systems
Designed to optimise generator performance, Interstate Generator Power Solutions provides a wide array of control systems that suit various needs. The company has a highly proficient and experienced team that has the know how to design and validate bespoke control systems to meet its customers’ individual needs, regardless of complexity.

The company’s extensive range of control and load management options, include:

  • Multiple-synchronised generator sets
  • Co-generation mains parallel
  • Intelligent transfer systems
  • Human machine interface (HMI) displays
  • Utility protection
  • Remote monitoring (simple alarm events and SCADA displays)
  • Custom built containerised distribution
  • High-end building and load management controls

Cooling systems
Interstate Generator Power Solutions provides a diverse range of FG Wilson cooling systems – designed to control temperatures, in order to enhance a generator’s performance.

In addition to a range of baseframe mounted engine driven radiators, Interstate Generator Power Solutions also offers a complete range of integrated baseframe mounted heat exchanger packages, which can be used with a choice of secondary cooling systems.

A full cooling system design package includes, but not limited to:

  • Secondary coolant pumps
  • Generator set ventilation fans
  • Motor and pump control centres
  • Remote radiators to meet the most stringent noise requirements
  • Connections to onsite district cooling circuits

FG Wilson combined heat and power generations packages
Interstate Generator Power Solutions offers a wide selection of heat and power generator packages (240-1,250 kVA) that are manufactured to recover over 90% of electrical and thermal efficiency, resulting in major reductions in overall energy costs.

Ancillary equipment
Interstate offers a comprehensive range of FG Wilson ancillary equipment which make it easy to manage various power requirements. Designed specifically for FG Wilson generator sets, ancillary equipment supplied by Interstate Generator Power Solutions ranges from specialised fuel, sound attenuation, silencer and starter systems to mobile generator set trailer solutions.

To assure product quality and performance, Interstate Generator Power Solutions supplies all major components for fuel systems, including level sensing equipment, fuel-water separators, pumps, tanks, dump valves and fire protection products.

Interstate Generator Power Solutions also distributes:

  • Starting systems – duplex, air and hydraulic and specialised DC batteries
  • Catalytic exhaust filter, soot filter and exhaust after treatment
  • Fuel filtration, storage and transfer systems and associated control systems
  • Fire detection, protection and suppression systems
  • Spring and captive rubber anti-vibration mounts (AVM) to suit low noise and mobile generator set applications
  • Mobile generator set trailer solutions

Project management
For all customised power solutions, Interstate Generator Power Solutions provides a complete project management service. The company will give advice and technical expertise, to ensure that a customer’s project is managed, as specified, on time and within their budget.

Interstate Generator Power Solutions’ knowledgeable team of sales support engineers, project managers, mechanical and electrical design engineers, as well as technicians are committed to supporting their customers’ project from the initial design through to installation and commissioning.Interstate distributes

  • Diesel generator sets
  • Gas generator sets
  • Data-sheets
  • High voltage generators
  • Enclosures
  • Control systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Ancillary equipment

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