iSchool is a multi-media eLearning concept for Zambia. The ischool Zedupad is a low-maintenance tablet pre-loaded with the entire Zambian school curriculum. It includes interactive learning for students and teachers’ lesson plans. Produced in Zambia, with locally relevant content, the first three grades are available in eight local languages, with translation of Grade four material currently in progress. The iSchool comprehensive eLearning program is available as a free online portal to all iConnect customers in Zambia.


eLearning and Distance learning in Lusaka, Zambia

iSchool is a comprehensive eLearning program that covers the entire Zambian primary school curriculum, providing over 6,000 lesson plans for teachers. There are thousands of colourful and interactive lessons for students in English, as well as in eight local languages for grades one to three.
  • The ZEdupad – a tablet preloaded with iSchool educational material
  • A fully comprehensive iSchool package for primary schools
  • Teachers’ professional development programme
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The iSchool can be accessed on the website by registering for the online subscription service.

Background to the iSchool concept
Africa currently faces many challenges in educating its rapidly growing population. Classes are frequently large, schools a long way from pupils’ homes and the number of trained teachers is low, especially in rural areas. iSchool presents a new way of resolving these issues. Recognising that most schools in Zambia do not have computers, electricity, or other resources to deliver eLearning, iSchool provides a complete delivery solution in addition to relevant and appropriate educational content.

iSchool also promotes an interactive enquiry-based learning model that helps move schools from a rote/memorising type of teaching to an environment in which the teacher adopts a facilitator role in classes with differentiated learning and group work.

The ZEdupad
All the iSchool learning material is pre-loaded onto the ZEduPad. This educational resource is a low-cost low-power tablet that can run on solar power. Each child-friendly and child-proof ZEduPad will last all day without needing to be plugged into a power source.

The content is designed for pupils to use the tablets every other lesson using a specially developed system that enables the teacher organize a class into groups and work with each group on a rotation basis, which works very well for larger class sizes, and ensures that a teacher is able to work more closely with each student.

With the ZEdupad, can operate in schools with minimal resources and facilities. It costs from as little as ZMW5 (US$1) per pupil per month to implement.

The iSchool package
The iSchool concept is built on a combination of e-learning materials, practical classroom activities, group work, teacher-pupil sessions (one to one and one to many), extra curricular activities and homework.

The iSchool lessons are comprehensive, fun and creative. Teachers are supported by detailed lesson plans and coaching. Lessons take place in the pupils’ existing classrooms, and can also be conducted in areas where brick and mortar classroom facilities are not available.
An iSchool school pack consists of:

  • ZEduPad tablets for students (1 per 10 students), configured to specifically deliver the learning content.
  • ZEduPad tablets for teachers and head teacher use
    Trolleys for secure storage and charging of tablets
  • Battery-powered LED projectors with inbuilt loudspeakers for classroom use
  • A printer
  • Internet connectivity
  • Solar power supply if needed, installed by iSchool specialists
  • Teacher training, with ongoing mentoring and support
  • Technical installation and ongoing support
  • Additional physical resource materials

iSchool learning material

  • iSchool provides lesson plans for every lesson from the start of Grade 1 to the end of Grade 7. The plans are organized and fully integrated with the lessons on the student tablet, and guide the teachers to deliver their lessons in a fun and interactive way designed to fully engage the pupils.
    The lesson plans are divided by year, term, half-term, week and day, all in
  • accordance with the Zambian school curriculum.
    Lessons for the first three schools grades are available in English, Formal Nyanja, Lusaka Nyanja, Bemba, Tonga, Luvale, Lozi, Kaonde and Lunda.Grade 4 content is currently being translated and will be available for updating onto existing tablets. All other grades are offered purely in English, as per Ministry of Education guidelines. Literacy is taught in all languages except Lusaka Nyanja.

All eLearning content is approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Zambia.

Teachers’ professional development
iSchool provides an ideal platform for teachers to add to their professional skills. Teachers and schools using iSchool are given access to lesson plans, training support and continuous professional development materials.
The training and development services provided as part of an iSchool subscription include:

  • A three day face to face training session at the iSchool training centre
    Online learning sessions – for staff development sessions or for teachers to work through individually
  • videos on professional development
  • mentoring of teachers in the classroom post training, to ensure a smooth transition
  • access to the teacher’s edition of the ZEduPad tablet, complete with lesson plans, all the student lessons from Grade 1 to 7, as well as many other resources
  • applications such as word, excel and a version of WikiPedia.
    For a detailed discussion on how iSchool can help your school, contact them using the enquiry form below or the contact details on the left.

 iSchool Zambia Ltd offers

  • A comprehensive, Ministry of Education approved eLearning school program for Zambia
  • The ZEdupad – a tablet preloaded with iSchool educational material
  • A fully comprehensive iSchool package for primary schools
  • Teachers’ professional development

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