Kucetekela Foundation


The Kucetekela Foundation is a non-profit Zambia based charity that offers scholarships to young Zambians to attend high quality secondary schools from Grade 8 through Grade 12. The foundation works with Zambian students who demonstrate great academic promise but do not have the financial means to obtain a secondary education. The aim of the foundation is to open up a window of educational opportunity to bright young Zambians who otherwise would be unlikely to go beyond primary school.

The pupils sponsored by the Kucetekela Foundation for secondary education are those in primary schools who have consistent test scores and recommendations from teachers, but a challenging financial situation within their families. The scholarship programme is a five year commitment.
  • Enables high-potential students to succeed
  • Places the students at top-performing secondary schools in Zambia
  • Has established a mentoring system for the young Zambians it sponsors