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Basic information

Lamasat Aluminium and Timber Products

Lusaka, Zambia

Develop your exquisite fitted kitchen or sophisticated office interior with Lamasat International. They will help and advise you right from the design stage. Their professional team of designers and fitters will then create the items, assemble and fit them. It also supplies pipes and pipe fittings, aluminium windows and doors, granite plain and woven polypropylene bags. The range of items at Lamasat is vast, making Lamasat International’s showroom a must if you are planning a new build or major renovation.

Work at Lamasat Aluminium and Timber Products?
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Interiors and Design services

Lamasat Aluminium and Timber Products manufactures quality aluminium and wood products such as fitted kitchens, doors, door frames, windows, window frames, and various home and office furniture. Products include sofas, high tech conference tables, kitchen units, sliding doors, aluminium partitioning and windows.

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Lamasat International can assist you right from the initial planning stage of an interior project. Their professional team will advise and help create the specifications for both  fitted items (such as doors, windows, work surfaces, tiling, partitioning, staircases and suspended ceilings), and free-standing products like tables, chairs and sofas. Your items will be manufactured to your specifications and Lamasat’s fully-trained construction unit and fitting team will bring your dream to life.

Lamasat International interiors information

  • Fitted kitchens and office interiors
  • Aluminium windows and partitioning
  • Free-standing furniture for home and office
  • Granite work surfaces and tiles
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Modern quality designs
Interiors and Design services

Lamasat Aluminium and Timber Products Interiors and Design services