Little Lulu's School

This day care, pre-school and primary school in Kabulonga uses an abundance of perceptual games and toys to help pupils develop learning skills in a happy, creative environment. Little Lulu's School follows the Zambia Basic Education Course primary syllabus for all subjects except English, for which the British syllabus is followed. The school bus picks up and drops off pupils from house to house within a specified radius. Pupils develop their creativity and life skills in preparation for success as adults.


Pre-school in Multiple locations

This school believes that every child is unique and that personal interaction is paramount to educating and equipping a child. Little Lulu has a daycare centre which is fully equipped with a carefully selected team of staff that are patient, loving and caring. The aim is to give individual attention to each baby so that they feel happy and loved.
  • A variety of educational strategies
  • Comprehensive reading programme
  • School bus for pupils within a specified radius
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Little Lulu’s School recognises that education is a complex, multi-dimensional process. The school employs a variety of educational strategies so that each child evolves and grows towards the goal of becoming a mature, well-balanced young adult. It aims to help its pupils develop a loyalty and love for God and country, and become capable of prospering in the world of tomorrow. The school has a comprehensive reading programme, and an abundance of perceptual games, toys and puzzles. Children start in day care or pre-school depending on age. The school bus picks up and drops off pupils from house to house within a specified radius.

The daily programme is filled with fun and excitement. Each child is gently encouraged to grow in social grace and inner discipline, to experience the joy of being a happy and content child. pasting and play dough as well as a variety of other creative activities. Creative movement, music and singing is also on the curriculum.

Day Care
Little Lulu’s School has a separate fully equipped baby nursery with a carefully selected team of staff that are patient, loving and caring. The aim is to give individual attention to each baby so that they feel happy and loved.

Learning and reading
The school’s goal is to provide all the children with a positive learning experience in a nurturing environment, and to cultivate learning in children for later educational development., believing that the ability to read is an essential skill and that pupils who read well are able to enjoy stories and books and also access information independently. The school caters for any pupils who may experience reading challenges.

Pre-school information

  • Day care and pre-school
  • Pre-school education through play
  • Focus on reading skills
  • Classes start at 08:00
  • Pre-school ends at 12:00

Primary school in Multiple locations

The aim of the primary school is to develop positive, balanced and confident young adults with loyalty and love for God and country, capable of prospering in the world of tomorrow. The school follows the Zambia Basic Education Course Syllabus (ZBEC) in all subjects except English, for which the British syllabus is followed.
  • Well equipped computer centre
  • Primary school for grades 1-7
  • Upper primary school for grades 8 and 9
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The founder of Little Lulu’s primary school, Mrs Stella Kanswe, believes that preparing and directing each child through the various developmental phases onto the road to adulthood is a fine art.

Little Lulu’s primary school offers a dynamic English speaking curriculum for learners from grades one to seven. The curriculum is extensive. Academic, cultural, social and sporting programmes are included to develop a well rounded pupil. Pupils can enter the primary school from pre-school or externally.

Primary school covers grades one to seven, and upper primary school grades eight and nine. Lunch is provided for upper primary school pupils.

Each grade is structured to incorporate a comprehensive learning programme which includes consolidation and enrichment, as well as remediation where necessary. Methodologies are sourced from the best traditional teaching strategies, combined with exciting new developments in education.

Computer and library facilities
The school has a well equipped computer centre teaching computer literacy to all primary students, familiarising them with the basics of computer technology. The library has a wide range of publications appropriate to the various age groups. The young readers section is very popular. Primary school pupils can also borrow library books on a Friday, returning them the following Monday.

Sports and extra-curricular programmes
The school has a rich sports calendar. Emphasis is on playing to the best of one’s ability. Little Lulu’s primary school strives to develop its pupils holistically, using progressive methods to nurture individual potential. Expert coaching and skills development are provided for netball, football, athletics amongst other sports. Cultural activities include educational tours, speech and drama, music and art clubs, Scripture Union, girl guides, needle work, knitting and crafts.

Primary school information

  • Extensive English-speaking curriculum
  • School bus for pupils
  • School opens at 06:30
  • Classes start at 08:00
  • Primary school ends at 13:00
  • Upper primary school ends at 16:00

Contact information

Plot 3 Roan Road, Lusaka, Zambia
P.O. Box
PO Box 38674, Lusaka, Zambia
Enquire below
+260 977 762129, +260 955 162129

Opening times

06:30 – 16:00
06:30 – 16:00
06:30 – 16:00
06:30 – 16:00
06:30 – 16:00

Other locations

Lusaka West, Lusaka